Learning Objective 1 Mindset and self-talk patterns

Inner Critic

While I was writing my research paper for my English class, I repeatedly told myself, “I’m bad at writing so it doesn’t matter how much effort I put in, because it will be bad no matter what.” Because of that, I was not motivated to put my best effort to my paper and my writing suffered.

If I had thought, “I’m not the best writer, therefore I need to put in more effort than anyone else” the outcome could have been much different. I could have taken the time and constructed a well-written essay.

Inner Defender

I was reviewing one of my chemistry lab reports that I did poorly on. While doing so, I thought to myself, “It’s not my report that was bad, my TA just doesn’t like me.” I thought the grade was the result of a biased grader, even though I wrote the report in a hurry last minute because of procrastination.

Had I not procrastinated, and instead written the lab report earlier, I could have had time to review and correct it before I submitted it. My grade would have been much better, and I would be learning from my mistakes instead of ignoring them.

Inner Guide

I put off doing my chemistry homework, and statistics assignment and there is a party at my friend’s house that night. Despite the fact that I really wanted to go out tonight, I elected to stay in and get my homework done and get prepared for class tomorrow.

I benefited significantly from my decision to stay in. Not only did I get all of my work completed, but I also got a good nights sleep, and was well rested and prepared for my classes the next day.

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