The World Economic Forum Expert Network crowdsourcing INNOVATIVE THINKING ON THE FUTURE

In a global environment marked by accelerating complexity, polarization, and short-term and siloed thinking, there is a need for interdisciplinary approaches and a longer-term perspectives to create a sustainable and equitable future.

The Expert Network was developed as a space to foster collaboration. It is designed to promote innovative thinking about the future, challenge conventional wisdom, and develop new ideas and projects on the impact and governance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The World Economic Forum’s Expert Network, comprising 5,000+ members, enables the world's leading experts from academia, business, government, international organizations, civil society, the arts and the media to help shape global agendas.

Grouped around 125+ topic areas covering economies, industries and global issues, members of the Expert Network can use TopLink, the Forum’s digital interaction platform, to contribute their expertise and thought leadership on some of the most important and globally relevant challenges and opportunities.

Core Principles of the Network

Outcomes over rules

Responding to change over following a plan

Participation over control

Self-organization over centralization

Principles developed by the former Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software and Society, 2015

Membership benefits and opportunities

Members of the Expert Network receive premium access to the World Economic Forum's Strategic Intelligence platform, including advanced features of the Transformation Maps and the ability to create a custom Map on the platform. Members are encouraged to share and seek reaction to their research, provide analysis and commentary on issues relevant to their expertise, engage in dialogue with other experts, and collaborate with other members of the Network.

Expert Network members may be invited to participate in webinars and podcasts as well as contribute to blogs for publication on Agenda, the Forum's main blog platform which receives more than 6 million unique visitors a month. Members will be selected for these opportunities based on their engagement in the community.

Expert Network members can share their projects with all TopLink users and bring in other members who are interested in getting involved. Members can also nominate themselves for other projects of interest.

Expert Network membership is reviewed on a rolling basis without a definitive term limit. We ask that our members log in and contribute regularly to maintain their membership status. A notable lack of engagement may result in membership being terminated.

The World Economic Forum may reward top contributors with additional benefits such as invitations to participate in Forum events and projects as well as access to additional features on its intelligence platform.

How can I become a member of the Expert Network?

Membership to the Expert Network is by nomination only: please click here to fill out the form to nominate yourself.

The World Economic Forum will review all nominations and successful applicants will be notified by email. Please note that we do not provide individual feedback.


Members of the Expert Network have proven expertise in their fields (evidenced by published articles, talks, citations in the media, etc.) and agree to contribute to and participate in the activities of the Expert Network on a regular basis.

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss specific aspects of the Expert Network or your engagement with the community, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by sending us an email at ExpertNetwork@weforum.org.

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