Chase Crist Photographer - creative - adventurer

10 Things to Know about Chase:

1. I am an 864 local and love everything about the G-Vegas life. It is the absolute best to be an hour away from a good hike in the mountains and 3 hours away from a sunny day on the beach.

2. I have a little brother named Neko, who isn't so little anymore. [Despite the picture, he really does love me.]

3. I have always been a huge family person.

4. Soccer was my entire life, literally. My dad coached at the collegiate level and I grew up with many older brothers who would rock me as they waited to sub in. Then I tore my meniscus and MCL and it all came to a crashing halt. Crazy how life works sometimes.

5. I have a SERIOUS case of heliophilia. I am definitely a lover of all things that have to do with the sun. Sunrise, sunset, summer, sun tan, sunflowers, you name it.

If you can't tell already, here's an extra tid bit about me, I LOVE photography and design.

6. I LOVE to travel. My two recent favorites are Costa Rica and the Turks and Caicos, ask me about either and I'll have hundreds of stories and thousands of pictures. My dream is to visit our foreign exchange student in Spain my Dad's family land in Cyprus and Greece.

7. My favorite animal is a giraffe and my family and friends nicknamed me Raffie, because when I was younger (and sometimes now) I have the coordination of a baby giraffe. I would love to see them in the wild in Africa.

8. I live on the lake so the beach is my all time favorite destination.

Added fun fact: That's my dog Rena ^^^ we're best of friends .

9. I am a Health Science major here at Clemson. Although I am not sure of what I am meant to do for the rest of my life, one thing I am sure of, is that I am supposed to spend four years of my life here. I love it.

10. I spend my summers with the cutest two kids, Chase (4) and Chloe (6), they have basically become like my own. The little boy and I share the same name, you can imagine how much fun a 4 year-old boy has with that.

ADDED BONUS FUN FACT: I wouldn't be anywhere I am today with my faith and most days, I depend on it to keep me afloat and smiling at people.

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