Thailand Trek Week 4


Sawatdee! Today, we'll explore Thai holidays and learn about how God's love is forever.

Theme Song

Let's start with our Thailand Trek theme song!

Happy holidays!

Today, we'll discover Thai holidays. But let's start by thinking of holidays we celebrate right here in the United States. What's your favorite holiday? Draw a picture that reminds you of that holiday.

Meet B and C

In our videos, we've met a lot of cool new friends including James, Ami, Nami, and Peng. Each of our friends has taught us lots of special things about his or her life in faraway Thailand. Even though they live across the world, in many ways they're just like us! Today we'll meet B and C. Those are their nicknames. B and C are two sisters who live with their mom, dad, grandparents, and great-grandmother. Watch the video and see if you can figure out what holiday they are celebrating.

They were celebrating Christmas! In Thailand, they have some of the same holidays that we do, but they also have some different holidays.

Floating Lanterns

Discuss: Which of our holidays use candles?

Remember at the beginning of this lesson when you colored a picture reminding you of a holiday. In Thailand, there's one image that could represent a few important Thai holidays: floating lanterns. Watch the video to learn about one of the holidays that uses floating lanterns.

This holiday is called Yi Peng. During Yi Peng, people send paper lanterns into the sky as a way to ask for forgiveness. Another similar holiday is called Loi Krathong. At Loi Krathong, people make fancy banana leaf floats filled with flowers, candles, money, and incense. They put these on the water as a way to wish for luck.

Discuss: After a while, what will happen to the candles on the water or in the air? Why?

After a while, that glowing fire will go out, because a candle flame can't go on forever. It's beautiful for a while, but it will end.

Discuss: How do you feel when a holiday comes to an end? What is something you wish could last forever?
God's love is forever

God is forever. God's love, power, and life will never go out. It will shine on and on and on forever. Our lives here on earth have an end. Someday we'll die. That's not much fun to think about, but it's true. Our lives have a beginning and an end. But God never ends. God is forever. And the best part, our lives can go on and on and on forever too, in heaven! Because of Jesus, the light of the world, you can live forever!

Colors of the Week

Let's make a lantern to remind us that God's love is forever. Before we start, here's some other interesting information from Thailand that you can use to decorate your lantern. Each day of the week has a special color.

  • Sunday: red
  • Monday: yellow (In Thailand, the king was born on Monday, so when they celebrate his birthday every year, everyone wears yellow! Many people wear yellow every Monday too.)
  • Tuesday: pink
  • Wednesday: green
  • Thursday: orange
  • Friday: blue
  • Saturday: purple.

Whatever day you were born on is considered your special color. When you decorate your lantern, choose a color that has meaning for you, like the day of your birthday, a favorite sports team, or something to remind you of God's love.

Make a lantern

You will need tissue paper, constructions paper, glue and tape for this craft.

• Choose a sheet of tissue paper and lay it out, so the shorter ends are on your right and left.

• Rub a glue stick over the construction paper strips and attach them to the top and bottom of the tissue paper.

• Carefully roll the tissue paper into a fat tube. Hold it in place while a friend staples the ends of the construction paper strips together at the top and bottom. (Be sure you’re pulling the tube tight so there isn’t a gap in the tissue paper in the center.

• Tape down the tissue paper seam.

Now you have a lantern that will always remind you that God's love is forever!


Dear God, thank You for your eternal power and love. Thank You for loving us and sending Your Son to die for us. Because of You, we can live forever. Remind us each day of Your forever love for us. Helps us to continue to learn more about Your amazing love every day. In Jesus name, Amen

See you next time as we explore more of Thailand and God's love for the world!

Lesson Credit: Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand Trek curriculum. https://www.gospeladventures.org/curriculumthailand2021.asp