Child Labor By: Andrew herrera


How do you think Child Labor affects kids lives? Child Labor is a very serious problem throughout the world. Child Labor negatively affects thousands of children around the world.

How Child Labor affects kids lives.

Child Labor can affect kids in many different ways. For instance, they could have health problems, it could harm social and educational development, more likely to drop out of school, etc. Also, Child Labor has unsafe working conditions, they must settle for jobs that fail to offer a fair income, and more. Plus, kids leave school at or below the general minimum working age of 15 years, those kids are more than likely to be in low paying jobs, and it could harm kids social and educational development.


In conclusion, child Labor is a very serious problem in the world and she not be taken lightly. There's about 2.7 million healthy years of life's lost due to child Labor, so this concludes why Child Labor is a very serious issue in the world.

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