The Twenties All At Once

The 1920s everything was becoming more modern and scandalous new innovations such as radios, toasters, refrigerator and cars were created. Henry Ford manufactured affordable cars for the masses using assembly lines and the production tripled, in the 1920s from 1.5 to 4.8 million by 1929 almost all of Americans owned cars. in the 1920s woman started dressing in more revealing clothing these woman were refer to as "Flappers", challenging society by drinking and smoking in public places. at the time it was illegal for woman to smoke and drink in public so in 1904 a woman in New York was arrested for smoking in public (Foner Text 616 & Crash Course). a long established was slowing fading away.

one of the most historical figure for women was a woman named Margaret Sanger she led the birth control movement. Margaret Sanger was born September 14 1879 she was also nurse she believes the best way to change the law was to break it. Margaret found a pill that would prevent women from getting pregnant, she wanted birth control to be legal to every women so women could be in control of their own health. finally in 1936 birth control became legal ( lecture Video).

Prohibition of alcohol to many Americans alcohol was seen as destructive to an individuals. people wanted to stop the illegal liquor however in Urban areas promoted drinking this made owners to profits from it. it made a widespread corruption (Foner Text 622).

During the 1920s there was new ways to pay for products the introduction of installment buying came about. which means paying for item over time in small payments consumers are able to buy goods on credit by borrowing money. companies advertised through magazines and the radio for exposure to consumer product (Crash Course Video).

Warren G, Harding and Coolidge presidencies Warren G, Harding became president in 1921, he felt the nation needed healing restoration and normalcy after an era of progressive reform and world war (Foner Text 617). his cabinets in included Crooks who used their power for they own gain and the scandal of secretary of interior Albert Fall. Who took a Bribe of $500,000 from private businessmen to whom he leased government oil reserves to companies to Teapot Dome Wyoming. After Harding's death Calvin Coolidge became president of United States in 1924 defeating John W. Davis a wall street lawyers (Foner Text 617).

Scopes trial took place in 1925 in Tennessee Scopes was arrested for illegally taught the theory of evolution. violating the Butler Act Tennessee law that was passed in 1925. Clarence Darrow was Scopes's lawyer and William Jennings Bryan believed in the Bible literally interpreted the Bible while in the stand. Fundamentalists believed that everything in the Bible was true and were against evolution teaching in schools. Scopes found guilty Scopes trial ended with controversial on the decision on what to teach in schools and colleges (Crash Course Video).

During the 1920s Harlem was the center of African-American culture and life, writers, artists, musicians poet and novelist came with creativity that changed American Culture. that's when Broadway presented African-Americans actors in dramatic roles shows such as Dixie and Blackbirds, with great entertainers like Florence Mills and Ethel Waters and tap dancers Bill Robinson (Foner Text 630).

Ku Klux Klan the obsession with hundred percent Americanism continued into 1920s the Ku Klux Klan for the second time. the Klan had come back in the early 1920s it first started in Atlanta of 1915 when a Jewish factory manager was accused of murdering teenage girl (Foner text 624). by 1920s the Klan had over 3 million members all white born native, the Klan targeted African Americans and immigrants they used fear to control African Americans. the Klan went away after 1925 when they leader in Indiana was prosecuted for assaulting a young woman (Foner text 624).

During the 1920s the National Origin Act of 1924 limited the amount of immigrants that entered the United States from southern and eastern Europe. a maximum numbers of 357,000 immigrants per year to the reduction of 150,000 per year, but to due to the high demand of larger farmers in California who really depended on seasonal Mexican labor, 1924 law put no limits on immigrants from the Western Hemisphere (Foner Text 627).

The Great Depression hit in October of 1929 with the stock market crashed on a black Tuesday, more than 10 billion in market valued disappeared in five hours ( Foner text 632). in the panic of the crashed market people tried to pull their stocks out of banks and at the same there was no money. The Great Depression was a world wide event since the depression other countries were no longer trading with the U.S. Extreme hardships such as homelessness and hunger in Detroit 4,000 children stood in lines every day waiting to get food. many people were evicted from they homes because they couldn't afford their homes anymore (Foner text 633).


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