Softball By Britney hughes

How do you care for softball so you like sports?

How can you learn?

How can you find someone to play for? !

How can you get a glove,bat,face mask,and helmet?!

How do you practice for a game?!

How do you get someone to throw with?

Where do you get this stuff?

How can you become a player? !

Why did you want to start with this sport?

Why do you this?

Why do I want to play a sport?

Clever Subtopics Titles:

How can I learn.

Answer:You can get your Mom Dad or if you have sibling you can get them to help you figure it out

Question: How can I find someone to play for.

Answer: You can go online and ask google where can I find someone to play for.”How can I get a glove,bat,face mask,and helmet.”

Answer: You can get this stuff on Boomba or you can go to Dicks sports and goods in the any mall.

Question: How can I practices for a game.

Answer: You can get a batting net and everytime you throw the softball you will have to go get it.

Question: How do I get a glove,bat,face mask,and helmet.

Answer: You can go onto www.Boomba or you can go onto www.DICKS web site.

Question: How do I become a player.

Answer:The way you become a player you practice hard at home and when you are at practice.

Question: Why did I want to start with this sport.

Answer: You start with this sport because it is easy but hard.

Question: Why did I do this.

Answer: You can do this for a million different reason but I did it to get into shape.

Question: Why do I want to play a sport.

Answer: Sometimes it is because you want to sit on a couch and eat patios chips and look anorexic.


People in joy to play softball because they can be free. They can get outside and be in the fresh air but look at how they get there stuff they need to have to have time to get a mitt,bat,face mask,and a helmet. They need to get out and pick out what dezine if they are like me I would always want mine to be one and only. When you start off I would not get a very expensive gloves or bat or helmet because if you don’t like this sport you spent all that money on nothing. This is why you should play softball it is a lot of up and downs but this sport is fun.

You can find someone to play for by going online ask your parents ask your teachers they might have a good idea for you. If you can and if you have wifi you can go online and google search where can I play softball for a team. Then all you need to do is ask your parents if you can play and if they will pay for it then all you need to do is make the team at tryouts. If you make it than you need to make another commit it is to stay on that team like for the winter spring and the summer than you have that tryout agen.

The way you learn is have someone videotape the practise. When they videotape it you can watch it and practise it in your backyard or your front yard. You can get it so the next you do it you can be a pro at it and they will need you on there team. When you do it you need to make sure that you are doing it right so you are not practising the wrong thing. If you practise the wrong thing you can learn from that and then practise the wright thing for the next time.

I would like you to start with this sport because it is one of the easiest spots to start with. If you do start with this sport tryout other sports like soccer. You can start with this sport because if you can play this you can play anything. There are a bunch so start with one of those if you me I love softball and I would recommend it to anyone. Please try to get involved with this sport if you want to do a sport it is really fun you also make friends if you want to.

Created By
Britney Hughes


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