Launch, by Adobe what the heck is Script hoisting

But is it fast? Will the mere presence of Launch, by Adobe speed up our web site? Will Launch, by Adobe slow down our site?

Performance. How can Launch, by Adobe help your website performance? I'll tell you what I tell every customer that asks me that. It depends. Let us say that you currently have a combined total of 1,000 lines of marketing technology code & javascript outside of a TMS. Then you deploy a TMS and cut and paste your 1,000 lines of code inside of the TMS without using any of the built in features. Now you have 1,000 lines of code + all of the TMS code. Spoiler alert, it's more code than you started with.

This is where leveraging the features within Launch, by Adobe can help.

Launch, by Adobe is built on a powerful set of APIs that both our internal teams and partners that are writing extensions can leverage to expand the functionality of the solution without adding blocks of redundant code to your implementation.

The amazing development team behind Launch, by Adobe is doing everything they can to use the most efficient methods available to make sure that all the code inside of Launch is optimized as best it can be. Aaron Hardy, an integral member of the Launch product team wrote this detailed article on how we leverage scope hoisting to provide the best method in the industry to streamline the optimization of marketing code.

Read all of Aaron's post here: https://medium.com/launch-by-adobe/optimizing-javascript-through-scope-hoisting-47c132ef27e4

The translation of the Scope Hoisting Post is actually quite simple at it's core. You combine like things to remove redundancies and then you sort & stack them so that the compression algorithms are most effective.

I like to think of it like trying to fit a huge pile of clothes into a tiny carry on suit case.

That is one big pile of code

Scope Hoisting is a lot like using those vacuum space bags for packing. Put the right things together, use the vacuum bag, and you can fit everything in the suitcase.

Sure, there is a bit more that goes on behind the scenes, but hopefully you get the point. If you have questions about Launch, by Adobe and how it can help you maximize your efforts marketing technology integrations & implementations, please reach out to your account team. Also be sure to check the link below for upcoming webinars or to see recordings of past events.

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