One passion two loves A love story with an unpredicatable, emotionally moving ending

My passion is the Mediterranean Sea. My loves are the city where I am originally from and the town where I currently live: Tarragona and Calafell. The next lines will take you to an exhilarating journey through their riche cultural past and present of what I like to see as iconic places to visit and live forever.

Calafell is a touristy charming town facing the Mediterranean Sea, where thousands of tourists come to enjoy their sandy beaches and its crystalline waters.

Sometimes my friends tell me that I am inclined to idolise them all out of proportion. In fact, I adore Calafell. I like to admit that my point of view maybe is one intertwined with romanticism and enthusiast, but this is because they are the spots where I have mainly had my far-reaching dreams come true.

What I most admire of these two towns is their flexibility to embrace changes brought by the imperative of modern times trends. We have succeeded in making of Calafell a cool town without losing its charm of an antique fisherman village. My town mythic past still survive nowadays in the form of iconic sculptures, museums and revamped historic buildings entirely conserving its façade. Our remembrance of our cultural heritage remains intact due to them. This old ruins also perfectly preserve ancient local traditions, culture and mythology.

The amphiteatre, fisherman statue and Tarragona´s Cathedral

In Tarragona, history emanates from the stones, the books and becomes alive in a sort of a bewitched ritual that everybody loves.

The roman aqueduct and tower of Tarragona

In the same way that Calafell activates its public and social live by promoting its commerce, Tarragona enchants everybody by celebrating cultural events dedicated to re-enacting its classical historical civilisation.

Platja del Miracle, Tarragona, Sapin

This beautiful beach streaches 500 kilometres along de edge of the city and is ideal for swimming in the warmer months of the year.

Some days I like to imagine my town in black and white sitting on the shore looking at the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea when its winter time

Definitely, it is not the place itself but its people. Local people are friendly and kind. It doesn´t matter if you are a tourist or a local person that you will always feel comfortable living and visiting Calafell and Tarragona. Calafell have been the place of many famous people seeking for sun and peace. Tarragona is a prosperous spot where to invest and take economic profit of the many business possibilities that the city offers to enterpreuners.

Though, more than fame, glory or money Calafell and Tarragona are perfect places where to find love.

It is my and my wife

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