Outcome 4 Post-Test analysis

1. Post-Test Analysis Form

2. Reflection

What did I mostly get wrong on the test?

For this question I was hoping to see if my issues seemed more with calculations or more with conceptual questions, but unfortunately there was no clear answer. It seemed as if I knew the questions if I had time to really think about them, as if I was rushing.

How did I prepare for that type of problem?

Again, prior to the meeting I was hoping to get some answer but unfortunately I did not. My issue wasn't with knowledge as much so preparation. I could do the work but I couldn't complete the work quickly.

How could I improve?

By doing more practice in a test environment, while also restricting my time, I think I could improve my speed as well as my correctness.


For the next exam, I will prep beginning 3 weeks prior to the test. Because I do most of my studying on Sundays, while I’ll do homework during the week, I will thumb over my notes from class and take my time understanding rather than memorizing. I will do those example problems on my own. Then on the week leading up to the test, I will do the exam practice problems and redo and redo them until I reach 100% correctness. In the days leading up into the exam, I will set up a mock test environment and complete old exams.

4. Overview

This experience was interesting for me. Going into my meeting, I realized that I knew the correct answer for the problems I got wrong, and could spot similarities without the help of the PAL. For me, I rushed through the exams, so my plan to do more practice in a budgeted amount of time should shorten my testing time and lead to more success.


Something I haven't done until this test was go to a professor or TA to go over a past test. I think this is such a good strategy to have, because it shows true pride in your work and a drive to succeed in the future. In a professional setting, going to your boss with old quotas and asking for help in ways to succeed looks very positive and enhances your character in the type of employee you wish to be. Any boss would be elated to have someone so driven to make the future not be maintained at a level of success, but rather have the future be more successful.

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