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South Florida's Native American Legacy

Nature and Display: In the section about South Florida's Native American legacy, the museum designed a small site which contains multiple displays of different kinds of Native American utilities, such as kitchen supply, farming tools and furnitures. The lightening of this site is dimmed on purpose, with only spotlights projecting on objects and explanatory posters. I found the design of this section very interesting, because the dimmed light not only gives the displayed objects mysterious looking but also creates a sense of history and antiquity, which helps draw audiences' attention to the value of Native American legacy.

Butterfly migration to Florida

Nature and Ethics: One of the prominent feature of the Florida Museum of Natural History is the butterfly house. When visiting the butterfly house, I was not only amazed by their beauty but more importantly intrigued to think about the relationship between human and the butterfly. Although Florida is one of the most common migration destination for 13 species of butterflies, the poster above presents that there has been a sharp decrease in the number of butterflies migrating into Florida. This reduction may be caused by lack of sufficient food source - many food plants has died from herbicides used in lawns, roadsides and agricultural fields. After touring through the Florida Museum of Natural History, I was shocked by the numerous evidences the museums presents on the detrimental impact human has posed on the natural environment. It seems human owe some basic respect and responsibility to the nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit: When I was walking around the butterfly house, I captured a picture which sees through the glass ceiling and wall of the house. The existence of the butterfly house is like a paradox: the principle to imitate the natural habitat for butterflies so that butterflies living there, scientists and tourists can all appreciate the original beauty of nature, but the harder we try to make it close to nature, the fact that its artificial takes more significance. I enjoyed the tour around the butterfly house, while I was triggered to relate it to the human philosophical paradox about reality and truth.

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