The price to pay Audience: Medical board, Doctors. Joshua Connell

Cochlear implants have many benefits. > They restore hearing to people with mild to severe hearing loss. > Can help some people with partial deafness enjoy music. > They can also help people participate in culture and society. People are social creatures and the gift of hearing is very important.
The problem is that these cochlear implants and the surgery required for it is too expensive. They can range from 60 to 100 thousand dollars in the U.S, (ASHA).These devices and its surgery need more exposure to the public. It needs to be promoted better and have advertisements on how payment plans and insurance can help.

Bimodal stimulation is the use of both a cochlear implant and a hearing aid. The cochlear implant restores functionality while the hearing aid amplifies the sounds coming in so that it is easier for patients to understand what is being said. Hearing aids have gained popularity through time and have established credibility. Through the pairing of these two devices, more cochlear implants would be able to sell thus lowering the price of this devise.

There are payment plans that work with peoples insurance such as Medicaid. Medicare and federal health plans, but they tend to be vague and you could end up paying out of pocket for the procedure, (ASHA, NICE). These health plans need to be made clearer so people can look at their options through their physicians.

Proper health care can lower the price significantly and this is apparent across seas.The price for the device and surgery in the U.S. ranges from $50,000 to $100,000, (ASHA). In India the cost can be as low as $17,000, (Gaurav, S). What are they doing differently that allows such a significant price gap? The truth is, healthcare in the United States is steadily escalating. Medical Tourism is a phrase used when people travel outside their country for more affordable healthcare and surgical procedures, (McKinnon, Brian J Bhatt, Nishant).

This product still is in a state of research, and research is expensive. Proper funding for the research needs to come from investors. Investors need to be convinced that this business will generate revenue. Through the use of commercials and advertisements, cochlear implants can be publicized as having a high success rate and how great the benefits are. Proper funding would allow this.

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