BSC Video Work 2017

Coursebook Intermediate Class produced videos promoting Amazing houses.

We used descriptive language to describe location and home content. The students produced their writing on the Padlet App and we used this for error correction.

The students had to create a video advertisement for their own branded Mineral Water. The language demonstrated use of comparative and superlative language and the language of slogans. They also had to be informative about the benefits to health and the environment.

Upper Intermediate Word Power used emotive and persuasive language which was dubbed onto the video of advertisements.

Advanced level speaking and Listening dubbed their own diologue to a silent movie.

Coursebook Upper Intermediate Class provided commentary to the Mens 4x100 relay in the 2012 London Olympics.

The activity demonstrated a variety of phrases and Sports vocabulary covered in class. It was also useful for error correction of other errors such as articles and prepositions.

Advanced Speaking and Listening created a perfect day around the world. A listening comprehension of an Oxford tour and a class feed back of useful descriptive language resulted in this final task.

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