Geographer By: Lindsay savage

What do Geographers do?

Geographer is someone who studies the Earth & its land and features

They usually create and modify maps, graphs, diagrams, or other visual representations of geographic data using also what is called & Use quantitative methods, such as statistical analysis, in their research

Average salary: Hourly $21.85 to $49.48, Yearly: $45,450 and go up to $102,930. For different kinds of geographer you are.

How doest this job include math in it?

They use in it many different ways like quantitative research methods to solve the issues and problems dealing with geography. They use college Trigonmetry, Geometry, Algebra, Calculus I & II, Quantitative Reasoning & Statistics

Here is one problem you might see in Geography: How big is 1 000 000 people? How big is one million square km?

Colleges or Universities- Park University, Arizona State Univ., Ball State, Calvin College etc...

Courses that must be taken.. in both physical and human geography, statistics or mathematics, remote sensing and also business, economics, or real estate. Degrees such as Bachelor's and Master's

Complaines in need of degree- GIS Specialist need of BA/BS degree in GIS, GIS Analyst Compugain solution you need your bachelor's degree

My opinion as a Geographer, I don't really think I could do it, it seems like a lot of travling for more work and I could agree they get paid a lot, but like I said it doesn't interest me as much.


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