Sea Aneme-no Carly gehris / period 4

Ocean Zones and Habitat

The Sea Anemeno is most commonly found along the coast of south africa living a benthos lifestyle and will live its entire life on the ocean floor. This creature lives in many oceanic zones including the pelagic zone, the benthic zone, the neritic zone, the euphotic zone, and the epipelagic zone. The pelagic zone includes all of earths ocean water. The benthic zone is the entire ocean floor. The neritic zone is near the shore and ranges from 0-200m in depth, this zone has lots of nutrients and sunlight penetrates the entire zone. The euphotic zone and the epipelagic zone are extremely similar, both have high amounts of sunlight, lots of oxygen, warm temperatures, and low pressure.

Life as a Sea Anemeno

predatorspredatorsThis particular species of Sea Anemeno is a spotted back sea anemeno. The genus name is maculosa occisor. The sea anemeno is similar looking to that of a sea anemone with its 48 tentacle like arms. Fish often settle in the arms of a sea anemeno thinking it is a sea anemone until they are later strangled to death and eaten by the sea anemeno. These tentacle like arms double as a defense mechanism when they need to fight off predators. The sea anemenos hard shell helps against any harm from people stepping on them along the coast of south Africa. The bumpy spine of the sea anemeno is used to break waves and glide easily along the bottom of the ocean, although the sea anemeno can spend 3 hours our of the water slowly moving along the sand of the beach sucking up tiny fishies with its big suction cup lips.

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