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This is some of the photography work that I have done since the beginning of the 2016. I really got into photography when I went to Full Sail University for Film. I've always had a passion for being behind the camera and capturing the moments that people can look back on with amazement. So I started shooting Prom pictures for high school students and that turned into headshots, which turned into me shooting weddings. This has become en a crazy half-of-year and here are some of my favorites. More to come! Enjoy!

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Impromptu Photo Shoot | Models: Eizzy Sahir and Alex

LA Times | Model: Sarah Brown

Jonathan & Kelly's Engagement Photos

This was a special day for a couple of reasons. For one, this was my first gig taking engagement photos and I was super nervous. Secondly, I had my wife helping me with poses and she really helped me with my nervousness. These photos came out beautifully and they really liked the end results.

Sunday-Funday | Model: Jayden Brown

I just pulled my camera out on and started shooting my son. It was nice day out and I wanted to just practice getting different emotions on camera. These were the end results.

Live And Count Money Video Shoot| Models: Eizzy Sahir & Hugh Early

In between takes, I started shooting shots of this music duo as they were waiting for the scene to be ready. They are really cool and laid back and that shows in their music. To capture it on camera was a plus because their fans would be able to see it as well.

Darryl & Stephanie's Wedding 2016

I had a lot of fun shooting this wedding and this was my first official wedding I shot. I've shot other weddings but I didn't have a lot of experience at the time and they didn't come out all that great. But I knew with more practice and understanding my camera's capabilities, I would be able to shoot a wedding with confidence.

Ryan and Mays's Prom 2k16

I started shooting proms after seeing how some people treat their proms like weddings. I figured since they have these lavish send-off, why not capture those moments. These two individuals gave me style and swag with this shoot... one of my favorites to shoot.

Shania's Prom 2K16

This was just me of the first proms I shot starting this year. I didn't really have an idea of what to shoot or how to shoot. I just got out there and started snapping away. Shania had a lot of pizzazz and she was perfect for the camera.

4th of July Fun!


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