Age of Exploration Adriana Garcia, Mr. Meninga, 2B, MArch 17,2017

Spice Trade

- Spice was very valuable, it helped a lot with everyday needs. Many would trade it from country to country, across the sea as well. There was a lot of it but in certain countries, not all. which is why many would trade or sail around. Since many would want to get spice, it was easy to trade. The one who sold it would be known as "Monopoly" because he faced no competition when it came to trading.
Many countries would get rich just getting spice or giving it away. They would waste a lot of valuable things to them in order to get the spice. It is a long and suicidal deal to go across to get spice, many have died trying to actually get to the other side or to the other country. Spice was great when it came to seasoning the food and in medicine, that's why it was so valuable, why many wanted spice.
Christopher claimed to know a shortcut to get spice faster and easier. He managed to convince the king. The king eventually believed it and got Spain to agree to let him go and they sent him off to sail. They all wanted spice, which is one of the reasons they let him go. They wanted spice to keep and to help around with what was needed.
Christopher, landed in the Bahamas, he wasn't exactly sure where he was, he considered people as "Indians". Though, he continued on his exploring. Probably didn't know where else to go but he still went. He eventually passed away on his journey, not knowing that he discovered a new country
It was between Europe, Africa and the Americas. It was were the Americas will trade sugar to Europe, Europe will trade goods to Africa and Africa will trade slaves to the Americas. They will all get wealthy in a way, since they got what they want. It is known as Mercantilism. With mercantilism they were able to increase stores of gold and metals
The countries got rich, they traded many things that involved money, which is what they wanted. They were all able to cooperate. It was though, a hard journey for some, including slaves. They were being used to get money as well as the good and the raw material

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