Dentist By Megan Rodriguez

Nature of Work

A dentist mostly does extractions, fillings, cleanings, replacements, examinations and diagnosing problems in the mouth. They are always on the lookout for any problematic conditions in the mouth.

Working conditions

The working conditions for a dentist are mostly inside in a practice or in their own practice. They can work alone or with dental assistants, hygienists, or laboratory technicians.


Mostly all dentists wear a lab coat, scrubs, collared shirt, swaters, skirts, dress shirt, and dress pants

Training and Preparation

There are numerous classes you need to take before becoming a dentist. Necessary high school courses include biology, chemistry, physics, health, and mathematics. For dental school you would need 2 years of college and need to keep your grades up. Few people get their Bachelor’s Degree.


  1. Annual pay - $142,090
  2. In a year $158,310
  3. $76 per hour
  4. specialists - 72,240 to 146,340 to 212,680 to 313,873


This depends on quality your work. It may take many steps to get into a general practitioner-specialist. If you want a higher income you need to go into school and study more about it.

Job Outlook

The U.S. Department of Labor thinks mostly all the dentists will retire and we are expecting the profession to grow 18% faster than average in 2022.

Related ocupations

A few examples for dentistry options include a cosmetic dentist. This job is to help the adults to get their teeth fix if they don't like their original teeth. Other options include a dental hygienist or a orthodontist. They can also be a vet or a chiropractor

Accurate or inaccurate

The U.S. Department of labor said that the dentistry program is going to grow 18% faster. Right now it would be inaccurate to study this. But i'm not giving up on what i want to do. I always wanted to be a dentist since I was little and i'm not going to give up my dream. My mom had goals to study in this profession, but since it didn’t work for her, I have been more motivated to personally succeed in this field.


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