Waffles!!!!! Bruh - just eat some waffles - love life

Mission Statement

So as we all know, Waffles aren't just an amazing gift cast upon this world. They are also a controversial subject. Silly liberals say things like "just eat a pancake". Well I say no, and I'm not alone in my fight to spread awareness for my Waffles. My mission is to make everyone know how heavenly Waffles are.

Speak out, Rise up.

Waffles are being oppressed every single day. Take a moment of your day to pick up your grocery list.... and add Waffles. Every time you make the decision to pick up a box of Waffle mix or a box of frozen Waffles, just know that you will be choosing joy. Joy, not only for yourself but for every child out there craving these delicious works of art. Statistics show that every 13 seconds a child in America asks for a Waffle. Please be the parent to say yes, be the good citizen and help raise awareness so that no child has to suffer a lack of Waffles.

Some people claim that pancakes are better, or that they are more creative with this new trend of making images with the batter.

Silly pancakes

There is a reason people don't tamper with the Waffle, it has already achieved beauty and elegance. Artists creating pancake art like these simply do it because pancakes are inferior to Waffles, they need to cheat to keep up with our precious Waffles.

"No pancake, no matter the batter can beat our champion, the Waffle!"(Ethen Bettles)

Waffles are infinitely better than the competition, their squares perfectly hold syrup so that it absorbs fluently and brilliantly. Even though the Waffle needs no additive, the Waffle goes well with many different sweets to further its perfection. Whether its strawberries and whipped cream or simply chocolate, the Waffle's beauty is only amplified.

Simply. Perfection.

There is no perfect texture for the pancake, it is either too light and simply gets soppy with syrup or it is burnt and loses the little flavor the minuscule pancake had to begin with.

Pancakes have been over glorified. The Waffle is our champion, but also the underdog. Lets bring the Waffle back to its glory! 2017 will mark the beginning of a new breakfast revolution, vote Waffle and make America great again!


Created with images by @joefoodie - "Waffles" • congerdesign - "waffles chocolate waffles cherry sauce" • congerdesign - "pastries waffles baked" • joyosity - "Banana Bread Waffles"

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