The Book Thief Themes By: kyndal crandall

Theme 1: Books are Gifts

"Beneath her shirt, a book was eating her up." (Zusak 122)

Liesel's amount of love for these books, is showed very powerful at this moment. She is willing to burn herself to get the chance to read these amazing books that are gifts and should be cherished, instead of being burned. Liesel would rather allow The Shoulder Shrug to burn her skin than abandon it. Liesel has a strong relationship when it comes to her books. Getting the chance to read the book is the best reward or the best gift she could ever have.

From this quote, "A good book has no ending." ~R.D. Cumming, a good book is when you can write your own ending. Each one of us is given the opportunity to write our own book of life. The quality of life, is the gift of everyone having a story to tell. The gift of a book, can leave an everlasting impression on your heart.

Theme 2: Being Courageous

"I just wish I was like Jessie Owen's, Papa." (Zusak 60)

Rudy's father was not pleased that Rudy wanted to be like Jessie Owens. Rudy identifies himself with Jessie Owens because he is a world class runner. Jessie Owen gives Rudy courage to follow his dreams. As being a runner. Rudy looks to Jessie Owens as a roll model and shows Rudy to have courage in whatever he does.

In this article, "Though many fans and players were less-than-friendly when Robinson first broke the MLB color barrier, he is now favorably remembered as an American hero. In fact, Robinson is so well-respected that his number "42" was retired by every MLB team in 1997 — the 50th anniversary of his first season. Robinson was also memorialized in 1982 when he became the first baseball player to have his image included on a U.S. postage stamp." Jackie Robinson is a great example of another black athlete who wanted to make a difference and a change while being courageous through the opposition placed before him. In todays time, we all have hero's, people that we admire and want to be like them. If Rudy believes in himself to try, do and life. He could be great one day, as a lot of other athlets have been.

Theme 3: Silent Suffering

"Every night, Liesel would nightmare." (Zusak 62)

These nightmares are terrifying Liesel. An example of her dreams is that she can't seem to control them In any way. But, they have brought her a little closer to her dead brother and leaving her mother. It's kind of like suffering in a bitter-sweet kind of way. Liesel doesn't really like discussing these dreams to anyone. Liesel has had some major turning points. Like when she choses to let go of her nightmares as well as to learn to carry those memories in her heart.

In this quote, "The only reason you suffer is because you choose to suffer. The only reason you are happy is because you choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice, and so is suffering." - don Miguel Ruiz. Accidents can happen to anyone. Liesel just got the worst type of suffering, her brother passed and she had to leave her mom. Even though these happened to Liesel, she didn't let the suffering get to her, she found something else. She found her liking of books instead. Liesel replaced the bad with the good.


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