Taiwan in 35mm Ilford film project

Experience is nourishment to the soul, like knowledge is to the mind - Casey Neistat

Film is often a forgotten medium in photography, many said that is old and time consuming to have the film sent for processing. while all these are turn, there is something about film photography that capture those who truly love photography.

Film photography is an experience like no other. The craft of shooting film is simply addictive and perfecting it would take a long time. By making every shot count, photographers selective pick and wait for the perfect shot.

The photos share today is captured in Taiwan, It is my first travel photography project using film and i can say it has been an amazing experience. ILFORD HP5 is an amazing film to work with and that results are stunning.

Each roll of film only holds 36 exposures, Each exposure is carefully considered, timed and adjusted to get the perfect shot. The patience put into film photography is immense and that turns into anticipation for the film to be processed at the lab to be returned.

The feeling of excitement when collecting the processed film is simply delightful. The photo above is my favourite for this trip, that detail and contrast on it is just amazing.

By: Kelvin Yee

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/?hl=en

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