An Enchantment of Fungi A photo essay by Hayley May - ZEALANDIA EcoSanctuary volunteer storyteller

Late autumn is the perfect time to go fungi hunting at ZEALANDIA EcoSanctuary. Come on a virtual tour with Hayley as she uncovers the enchanted world of mushrooms and fungi.

The quintessential toadstool of fairy stories - Fly Agaric pushes up among the pine needles along Valley View. Deadly poisonous but oh-so beautiful.

Like Marilyn Monroe caught in an updraft, as the agaric ages, it lifts its skirts to show its frilly gills

The seductive curves of jelly ear fungi protrude from decaying tree trunks

A small army of sulphur woodtuft gathers...

Diminutive Mycena pop up their parasols

A tangle of orange poreconch invades the forest

Delicious pine boletes absorb nutrients and heavy metals

A gathering of sociable inkcaps

Plum woodknight shows off custard-coloured gills

Artist's porebracket awaits graffiti

A flower-like leatherbracket reaches out

Black birds nest fungi catch gentle rain drops

Now that the autumn rains have arrived the fungi are flourishing - come and see how many you can find at Zealandia EcoSanctuary...


Created By
Hayley May
Photo credits to Hayley May. Additional storytelling from Janice McKenna and Judi Lapsley Miller. Fungi IDs confirmed by mycologist Geoff Ridley. All photos taken at Zealandia EcoSanctuary, Wellington, New Zealand

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