Sutter's Mill, CA Setting in late 1840's

Sutter's Mill is an addition to Sutter's Fort, in Coloma, California. Built in 1839 Sutters Fort served as an outpost for trade in California. It is located in the hills of El Dorado county, just around Sacramento.
Gold has always been something of wealth to the world. Its used as jewelry, currency, and parts for machinery. You may have heard of the term "the Gold Rush". Everything has a beginning, the "Gold Rush" began with a great finding at Sutter's Mill. Found by James W. Marshall on January 24, 1848, a nugget of gold was found that started one of the largest movements in history.
Sutter's Fort is also famous for being the place where the famous Donner Part was saved. The Donner Party was famous because of their tragic story of starving mid travels, to the point of eating their own family members.
Fort Sumter was also part of the foundation of Sacramento, built upon the amount of settlers that came from the Gold Rush.
In conclusion, Sutter's Fort is a very important part of the creation of California. Without it, Cali wouldn't be as great as it is today.

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