Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with over 20% of the population being foreign born (Chui). We live in a country full of a tremendous amount of different cultures, languages and religions from every corner of the globe. This creates a truly unique experience growing up and living in Canada. Our diversity gives us the opportunity to experience cultures from parts of the world we couldn't dream of going to, from Chinatown to Little Italy.

In the words of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau," . . . What’s made it [Diversity] work so well in Canada is the understanding that our diversity isn’t a challenge to be overcome or a difficulty to be tolerated. Rather, it’s a tremendous source of strength. (Trudeau)"


With so many cultures existing in Canada, it's no surprise that you can find restaurants serving dishes from throughout the world. No matter what plaza you enter, there is sure to be restaurants serving a diverse selection of foods. Aside from food diversity, another thing I like about food in Canada is the vast selection of fresh, locally grown produce we can buy. Our climate allows us to grow a vast array of different fruits, vegetables and livestock. A decent amount of these resources end up in our grocery stores, to be eaten by other Canadians. We are supporting our economy and getting fresh, healthy products at the same time. Nearly 300,000 Canadians work on farms, and there are over 205,000 farms in Canada covering over 64.8 million hectares of land ("2016 Census of Agriculture").


Canada is one of the most free countries in the world, due in part to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was created in 1982 and applies to anyone in Canada, though some sections only apply to citizens. Some rights and freedoms it covers include the freedom of expression, the right to a democratic government, the right to equality and others ("Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms") (Foot) . As Canadians, we are free to express our thoughts, feelings and beliefs without fear of prosecution and we are free to practice the religion of our choice. The press is free to express their views while not being restricted and influenced by the government. We also have many other rights and freedoms that are unfortunately not present in other parts of the world.


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