James Joyce By Jack kenny

The Writing Style of James Joyce

One of his styles is know as "stream of consciousness". This styles is defined: "Stream of consciousness writing aims to provide a textual equivalent to the stream of a fictional character’s consciousness, thus creating the impression that we, the reader, are eavesdropping on the flow of conscious experience in the character’s mind, thereby gaining direct, intimate and unmediated access to their personal, private 'thoughts.'"

Main Themes

Some of Joyce's themes include nationality, family and his genius. Joyce was from Ireland, and while he spent much time abroad, he wrote about the Irish often. Although he is proud of this heritage, he spends much time looking for a new place to live which he believed was his destiny. He also had strong family ties. He was very close with his father and was the favorite son. He was close with his younger brother as well. From a young age he knew he was exceptional and a genius, and therefore was very ambitious in his writings about it.

Works by James Joyce

Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Exiles, Ulysses, Pomes Penyeach, Finnegans Wake, Finn's Hotel

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