Hunter Sports High News Term 3 - Week 5 - 2019

What's On?

  • Friday 23 August: Whitecard Course
  • Wednesday 28 August: TSP Trials (Year 6-11 students)
  • Thursday 29 August: National Skills Week Event
  • Friday 30 August: 2020 School Leaders Speeches Assembly
  • Monday 2 - Friday 13 September: Year 10 VALID Testing
  • Wednesday 4 September: Indigenous Literacy Day
  • Friday 6 September: Active Inclusion Sports Day
  • Wednesday 11 September: Year 6 TSP Morning
  • Wednesday 11 September: 2020 School Leaders Induction Assembly
  • Thursday 12 September: Year 9 Focus Day
  • Thursday 12 September: Big Picture Information Night
  • Wednesday 18 September: ATSI Parent Meeting
  • Thursday 19 - Friday 27 September: Year 11 Exams
  • Wednesday 25 September: Year 12 Fun Day
  • Thursday 26 September: Year 12 Presentation Assembly
  • Thursday 26 September: 2020 Information Evening
  • Friday 27 September: Last Day of Term 3
  • Saturday 28 September - Sunday 13 October: SCHOOL HOLIDAYS
  • Monday 14 October: Term 4 Commences for all students and staff
  • Thursday 17 October: HSC Exams Commence

Principal's message

Hunter Sports High has been a hive of activity again for the first half of Term 3 with each day seeing students involved in learning activities in the classroom, in the community and even on the snowfields! Our Year 11 students enjoyed the annual Crossroads snow trip in Week 3. They braved the blizzard conditions and certainly challenged themselves on the slopes as they learnt about relationships, resourcefulness and road safety in the snow! Many of these students have been nominated as potential new leaders of our school and will address fellow students and staff at a special assembly next week ahead of voting for our 2020 leadership positions. We certainly have a great bunch of students putting themselves forward as future leaders and know our school will be in good hands in the year ahead.

Meanwhile, our fabulous Year 12 students are edging closer to the end of their school days having completed their Trial HSC exams last week and with only five more weeks of classes they now focus on completing assessments, revising course content and of course the upcoming HSC exams in October. They've participated in booster sessions over the last few months to help them prepare, to know what to expect and to learn how to relax and manage stress. There's some great exam stress tips and information for students and parents included on the Reach Out website (link below), and students can speak to their teachers, year advisor, Ms Schubert or school counsellors if they need any additional support. There's plenty of fun still to come for them too and we hope they enjoy their final weeks of school and create memories that last throughout their lives. Year 12 Advisor Mr O'Neill has a great day planned for their Fun Day later this term and we will recognise their outstanding achievements at our Year 12 Presentation Assembly on Thursday 26th September.

Some study and stress-busting tips for our Year 12 students!

This week students from Year 7-12 have participated in cyber safety workshops with experts from YSafe who presented a variety of educational workshops on cyber safety, social media and digital wellbeing. The sessions were adapted to be relevant for each year group and are created by an award-winning team of psychologists, education specialists and law enforcers. We also welcomed many parents and carers to an information session on Tuesday night to learn about the risks and dangers of digital technology as well as some tips on how to keep our children safe online. We were given a rundown on social media and gaming trends and updated on the current recommendations for screen time and how to manage cyber bullying. The experts shared practical ideas on setting up a cyber safe home, including how to set and enforce boundaries, how and what parental control technology to use and general digital age parenting tips. A huge thank you to Yasmin and the YSafe team for coming and sharing their expertise with us all. We'll be sharing some of the main points from the presentation with our school community over coming weeks.

Our local Waiyarang Community of Schools has been working together to improve school attendance across our primary and high schools, including Wiripaang, Windale and Mt Hutton Primary Schools and also here at Hunter Sports High. Last week we proudly launched our 'Just Turn Up' campaign - the result of collaboration between our four local schools and designed to encourage our students to 'just turn up'! Regular attendance at school is essential to assist students to maximise their potential. Schools, in partnership with parents, are responsible for promoting the regular attendance of students and we hope this campaign helps to deliver this important message to our students and wider school community. We've been talking to students about attendance and reinforcing this message around the school. We look forward to joining with students and staff from our Community of Schools in the weeks ahead to celebrate the launch of this important campaign. Keep an eye out for our Just Turn Up messages around the local community and please join us in encouraging your child to JUST TURN UP! MISSING SCHOOL MEANS MISSING OUT!

Just turn up! Missing school means missing out!

We've had an exciting new addition to the school in recent weeks with the installation of a bank of 50 lockers. The lockers give students a place to securely store their bags, books and belongings throughout the school day. Most of the lockers have been secured already but there are still a few available if students would like to use one, and we'll be getting more during the next school holidays. Students can secure a locker by seeing the ladies in the Student Services office and paying a $20 deposit. A wait list will be created for the next installment of lockers when the first 50 have been allocated.

Our new lockers have proven very popular with students, and there's more on the way!

Term 3 has also seen the beginning of a phased implementation of a revised enrolment policy across all NSW government schools. The Department of Education has answered some frequently asked questions in the below document to help families understand the new policy and provide clarity on the current enrolment process. If you have any questions about enrolment, either local or for our Talented Sports Program, please contact our school office on 4943 5755.

Finally, I would like to thank our parents and carers for all the support you provide for our students in their education and in their sporting endeavours. We have welcomed many parents to the school for events including our recent NAIDOC celebrations, Big Picture student exhibitions, Friday coffee shop lunches, Parent Teacher evenings, the cyber safety seminar and TSP trials just to name a few. You support from the sidelines at their many and varied sporting events around the local area, and indeed around the state and beyond! Thank you for encouraging and supporting them to try their best on the field and in our classrooms. We're in this together and we're all cheering them on! I look forward to seeing many more of you at our school events in the weeks ahead.

Ms. Rachel Byrne - Principal

year 11 snow trip - they survived a blizzard and had a ball!

Year 11 students had a ball on their Snow Trip!

Forty-two adventurous Year 11 students took to the slopes at Perisher in Week 3, braving blizzard conditions and many seeing snow for the first time as they completed their mandatory hours for the Life Ready course. Students traveled overnight before arriving at their Berridale accommodation where they enjoyed a hearty, warm breakfast and were fitted for their snow gear in preparation for a day of ski lessons.

Conditions on Day 1 were sunny and clear and the students enjoyed themselves immensely! Many picked up skiing and snowboarding with ease, though there were some very funny stories pertaining to chair lifts, collisions and trees to be relayed that evening! Day 2 saw a huge change in weather with the arrival of a polar blitz. The kids were delighted to see the snow falling though they were quite mortified with the minus 15 degree wind-chill factor that accompanied it! Ski lessons were very different on Day 2 as there was so much powder about.

That evening the students enjoyed a well-deserved swim (in a heated pool) and sauna followed by a delicious dinner and disco. The snow continued to fall on Day 3 and the coach was required to put chains on almost as far down the mountain as Jindabyne which was pretty exciting for the kids to see. Conditions were dangerous and icy though which caused many cars to slide off the main road and end up in precarious situations! But our driver got us up to the snowfields safely - must be because he was an ex-Hunter Sports High School student himself!

We had a great morning though visibility was poor so an adventure to Perisher was not a good idea. We opted for a little early mark and left soon after lunch to try and beat the traffic through Sydney on the way home. Parents were very happy to have their children back happy and with no injuries sustained other than the odd bruise or sore muscle. This group are to be commended on their excellent behaviour, manners, organisation and time management skills. They definitely covered all areas of the 25-hour Life Ready course including respectful relationships, resilience, road safety and many more topic areas. Special mention to the eight Support Unit students who braved the crazy cold conditions beyond their comfort zone and took on the challenge of learning a very difficult new physical skill. A big thank you also to Miss Wilson, Miss Hulbert, Mr Strachan and Ms Stewart for their assistance and wonderful company on this trip. Congratulations all! Mrs Hoffman

duke of edinburgh awards

If you're in Year 9 and interested in doing the Duke of Edinburgh see Mr Tait for more information!

Hunter Sports High School is pleased to be introducing The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme as a sport option for students currently in Year 9. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an internationally recognised program for young people, building their skills to equip them for life and work. By creating opportunities for young people to develop skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure, the Award can play a critical role in their development. It encourages participants to set personal goals and achieve them. Along the way, students learn about important qualities such responsibility, trust and they improve their ability to plan and organise themselves. Participants choose their own activities and set their own goals within four general areas:

  1. Adventurous Journey: to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery
  2. Service: Volunteering their time to understand the benefits of service to the community
  3. Skills: to encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills.
  4. Physical Recreation: to encourage participation in physical recreation and improvement of performance

Each challenge requires a special dedication, both physical and mental. Success in the Award Program comes through a conscious decision to accept and take up the challenges and recognises individual goal setting and self-improvement through persistence and achievement. Students can start the Duke of Edinburgh Program in Year 9 at the Bronze level. The school will provide students with all the training that is required and organise/run the expeditions, while students will be responsible for organising the completion of the other sections. The school will advise students and suggest activities that they may wish to undertake. At the completion of the Bronze level, students will be able to go on and complete the Silver and Gold levels at the school. All expeditions (adventurous journeys) involve hiking/bushwalking and are organised and supervised by teachers. Students are required to undertake compulsory training for the Bronze Award and expeditions as part of regular school sport.

For more information regarding the Duke of Edinburgh Program, or if you wish to register your Year 9 student for the program, see the link below or contact Mr Tait via the school office or by email at jason.tait@det.nsw.edu.au

students support local family in burger challenge

On Friday the 9th of August some of our Big Picture students went to Newy Burger Co. as part of a fundraising event that turned into a friendly challenge between students and staff. As part of the Big Picture program, our advisories involve themselves in a community service project to support local initiatives and local businesses. The Ransom Family are currently helping their son Kane fight leukemia and are doing so through a fundraising initiative at Newy Burger Co. Our Big Picture students wanted to help and they took up a challenge to raise funds for the family.

The students challenged HSHS Strength & Conditioning Coach Mr Trypas to eat the Pasha Bulker hamburger at Newy Burger Co. before any competing student could. The burger stood at an imposing 30cm tall with three patties covered with all the accompaniments. Progress was monitored by the owner Ben, Mrs Quigley, and Mr Staley, who also competed to a subsubstandard ability! Mr Trypas could not beat the efforts of hungry Year 12 student and rugby player Boston Kerapa who was crowned the challenge champion! We would like to thank Newy Burger Co. for their support and excellent food and are looking forward to being involved in other events and fundraising activities in the future.

Boston beat Mr Trypas in a recent fundraising burger challenge!

students go to facebook headquarters for project rockit

Levi & Izac with their fellow PROJECT ROCKIT Digital Ambassadors at Facebook Headquarters

During the last school holidays two Hunter Sports High students had a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a round table event called 'Design Jam' at the Australian Facebook Headquarters in Sydney. Thanks to a nomination by HSHS Youth Worker Keira, Year 9 students Levi Murray and Izac Clifford were selected as 'Digital Ambassadors' for PROJECT ROCKIT, a program all about building a movement of young people who are united and ready to tackle online hate, build a kinder digital world and use their online power for good.

PROJECT ROCKIT teamed up with Facebook to offer their Digital Ambassadors a really special opportunity to have their voices heard. They flew eight Digital Ambassadors from four schools across Australia to Facebook HQ in Sydney along with a bunch of young people from NZ to participate in a design workshop on how to build safer and kinder technologies. Each Digital Ambassador had the opportunity to share their perspectives and experiences before rolling up their sleeves and creating their own apps to help young people engage safely online.

And the best bit? Students then took the stage to pitch their ideas to Antigone Davis, Facebook's Global Head of Safety, who had flown all the way from the USA! The event was opened by Office of the eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, and included representatives from Google, Instagram, Beyond Blue and more. This was a room of some pretty powerful people who have a genuine ability to influence positive change in this space. And you know what? They. Absolutely. Nailed it! Their ideas were creative, innovative and positive and demonstrated young people's eagerness to use their unique strengths to stand up, challenge the status quo and reclaim technology as a instrument for good.

Thank you to Keira for her efforts to nominate Levi and Izac and give them the opportunity to be part of this incredible experience.

naidoc day celebrations

On the last day of Term 2 Hunter Sports High students and staff celebrated NAIDOC Day with a range of Indigenous ceremonies, activities and learning opportunities throughout the day. It was a wonderful day celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history and we welcomed many special guests from the local community to our school. Special thanks to our Minimbah team who organised a fantastic day for all our students to enjoy and to the community groups who came in to showcase their services to our students. Here's a snapshot of some of the fun we all had on NAIDOC Day.

NAIDOC Day celebrations at the end of last term.

MATHematicians put to the test

A group of Year 7-10 students have been involved in ‘World of Maths’ interactive problem solving over recent weeks where they have formed teams to solve a series of puzzles and challenges. These students showed fantastic problem solving skills and strategic thinking and they will now act as peer support leaders and help Year 6 students from the Waiyarang Community of Schools during transition days in Term 4. Students have continued to embrace Education Perfect as a valuable learning platform in Mathematics. Half-yearly task completion results ranked Hunter Sports High 161st overall globally (out of 1,589 schools) and 13th overall in NSW (out of 314 schools). Our Year 12 students have recently completed their Trial HSC exams with our Mathematicians sitting exams in Extension 1 & 2, Advanced, Standard 2 and Standard 1.

Maths in action!

project real fights plastic

Year Seven Project REAL students took part in a sustainability excursion last week, participating in a range of hands-on workshops to build knowledge and encourage them to take action for healthier oceans. The Sydney based Ocean Action Pod presenters offered students various facts and statistics regarding the impact of plastic on our environment. While our students were already familiar with general knowledge about plastic use in our society, the workshops were designed to drive the conversation about the use of plastic and its impact. Hunter Sports High students had the opportunity to see how much microplastic they could find in just a few minutes.

The results amazed our students and they quickly realised how much difference they could make by adopting a more environmental approach. The Project REAL students could not believe that a cigarette filter contains 12,000 micro plastic fibres and that these fibres can be found in a smoker’s body, or that scientists predict that in our students' lifetime, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. The objective of this excursion was to teach students to consider alternatives to using plastic by refusing, reducing, recycling, reusing and repurposing. The Hunter Sports High School students are on board and eager to make a change. What are YOU going to do?

Not so fantastic plastic!

investigating history and landscpapes in HSIE

Year 7 HSIE students are have started this term studying landscapes and landforms to understand the processes that have created this beautiful planet of ours. Working on Education Perfect and undertaking research on individual landscapes as a part of their next assessment task has seen students develop an appreciation of the diverse landscapes and natural landforms from around the world.

As a part of their studies in History our Year 8 students have moved on from investigating the ancient world and have begun examining the decline of the Roman Empire. Classes are studying the way of life and significant developments in Medieval Europe. The influence of individuals such as Joan of Arc are being analysed to allow students to develop historical arguments based on evidence.

Year 9 students are engaging in a study of environmental change. By studying a range of environments including coastal environments, students are developing a strong understanding of how these environments function and the impact of human-induced environmental change. Additionally, students are investigating a geographical issue of their own choice which is impacting the local community as a part of their junior Geography project. Students will be collecting primary and secondary data and will propose actions to address the issue being investigated.

Year 10 are currently undertaking a junior history investigation. Students are able to choose and investigate a historical topic of interest. Year 10 are focusing on topics from the modern era which have had a significant impact on Australian culture. Some of the topics chosen include The Vietnam War, The Port Arthur Massacre and Phar Lap. Questions are posed and discussed in a topic proposal, which is then peer-reviewed. The end result will have the students produce a response based on their questions, and reflect on the process of their investigation.

Students are discovering all about the world in HSIE classes!

Support unit students learning new skills at school & at the snow

Year 11 Support Unit students had the amazing opportunity to attend the Crossroads snow trip last week. They had a great time, despite the blizzard conditions at times, and learnt some new skiing and snowboarding skills. A big shout out to local businesses Charter Hall, Unified Security, Gateshead Tavern and Backyard Grannys whose generous donations made it possible for our students to attend.

Support Unit students enjoyed every minute at the snow!
RUBY class report

The Ruby class has made a great start to Term 3. They have been working hard in all their classes and are learning lots of interesting things. So far this term they have enjoyed working on their Personal Interest Projects, going to art and developing ideas for a mini Ruby class business.

Jet Class report

Students from the Jet Class have been enjoying cricket every Monday. Hayley and Jessie report that they love learning more about batting and bowling and being with their friends. Ozobots, Cozmo and Lego technics are favourites amongst the Jet Class during technology rotations. We are all going to miss Ms Dickson when she goes away overseas for a well deserved holiday. We will welcome Ms King in her place. Come back safely Ms Dickson. “Working in Coffee Shop is fun and I love to work on the till.” Angie Dwyer

Opal Class Report

Lots has been happening in Opal class lately. We have been playing cricket as part of the All Abilities Cricket program on Mondays. It’s been fun so far, even with a few hot days. We’ve been learning how to field, bat and bowl and have been playing a lot of mini games as well. Our cricket skills will be put to the test when we take on Glendale Technology and Warners Bay High School in the gala day in Week 10. Six of our Year 11 classmates went to the snow for the Crossroads program in Week 3. They froze in the crazy weather conditions but made some new friends, had a few near misses and had a great time away! In the classroom we have been finalising our Personal Interest Projects (PIPs) from last term and starting our learning plans for Term 3. In RUOKM8 we are looking at the importance of good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and also the impact social media can have on our lives. In HSIE we are learning about 9/11 and how it has shaped our world today.

Our Support Unit students bowl us over every day with their enthusiasm and willingness to learn new skills!


Bill Turner teams into finals

Hunter Sports High's boys and girls Under 15 football teams have won their way into the semi finals of the prestigious Bill Turner Cup (boys) and Trophy (girls) competitions after a successful trip to Coffs Harbour this week.

Tuesday's Round of 16 matches saw the boys defeat Adamstown's St Pius 3-2 after fighting back from 2-nil down, while the girls won their game 9-nil against Great Lakes College (Forster) to send them into the quarter finals. Wednesday's quarter finals saw the boys take on Byron Bay High, winning 4-nil and the girls defeated Oxley College (Tamworth) 9-nil to book them both a spot in the finals series of the national knockout competition.

With both teams now in the final four out of over 400 schools in each competition, we'll all be cheering them on at the finals on September 10 & 11 at Speers Point. This is the 16th consecutive year the Hunter Sports High girls have made it to the prestigious national football knockout competition's finals series, and the first time since 2014 for the boys team. Congratulations to the teams, coaches and supporters and all the best for the finals! The clip in the link below was on NBN News last night and shows some of the skill of our talented students!

Action from the Bill Turner quarter finals in Coffs Harbour!
athletes of to state championships

Hunter Sports High's finest athletes represented the school at the Hunter Regional Athletics Carnival at Glendale earlier this term with 15 students qualifying for the NSWCHS State Championships in individual events along with three relay teams. Congratulations to all students on their outstanding efforts and achievements and good luck to the following athletes who will head to Sydney for State from 4-6 September.


  • Jai Callaghan (1st in 200m, 800m and Long Jump)
  • Jassmin Daymond (1st in High Jump, 2nd in 800m)
  • Amara Low (1st in Discus)
  • Boys Relay 1st (Jai Callaghan, Noah Block, Ryan Tukapua, Gus Barclay)
  • Girls Relay 2nd (Jassmin Daymond, Maddison Spliet, Maddison Jewell, Molly Pittman)


  • Jake Pappas (1st in High Jump)
  • Kaman Pappas (2nd in High Jump)
  • Reece McManus (2nd in Long Jump)
  • Hannah Jarvis (1st in 800m, 1500m and 3km)
  • Zoe Daly (1st in High Jump)


  • Lachlan O'Brien (1st in Shot Put & Discus, 2nd in 200m & High Jump)


  • Lainee Harrison (1st in 200m)
  • Kim Trappett (1st in 100m)
  • Ruby Cliffe (2nd in Long Jump)
  • Girls Relay 2nd (Kim Trappett, Ruby Cliffe, Zoe Daly, Lara Gooch)


  • Jai MacPherson (1st in 100m, 200m & 400m)
  • Jakob Fitzclarence (1st in Discus, 2nd in Shot Put)
  • Abbie Leyshon (2nd in High Jump)

Our Year 7 Talented Sports Cricket Program students were invited to train at the NSW Centre of Excellence cricket facility in Blacktown earlier this term under the guidance of current NSW and Big Bash players. Our students were put through specialised batting, bowling and fielding drills and got a taste of what is required if they aspire to elite cricket pathways as former student Jason Sangha has. Jason has consolidated himself as an integral member of the NSW team and students were excited to meet him on the day - what a great inspiration for our up and coming young cricketers.

Mr Love and our TSP cricketers got to catch up with former student Jason Sangha at a recent training day.
rugby league girls win caitlin moran shield

Hunter Sports High’s amazing girls rugby league teams have continued their great form, winning two divisions of the annual Caitlin Moran Shield competition played at Windale earlier this week. Our Under 14s team was undefeated on the day and won against St Phillips in the final. Jesse Southwell was named Player of the Match. The Under 16s team was also undefeated and beat St Paul’s Booragal in the final. Kayla Waldron was named Player of the Match. Congratulations girls!

basketball news

Congratulations to Year 12 student Jai Smith who represented NSW at the National All Schools Championships held in Bendigo last week. Jai and his team were Runners Up at the Championships after going down to Victoria in the Grand Final. Well done Jai on this great achievement! In a busy week for our basketballers, Hunter Sports High's Boys and Girls Under 15 Basketball teams both claimed the Hunter Region Champions titles this week. Congratulations to all!

oztag champion of champions tournament

Three Hunter Sports High teams traveled to Sydney last week to compete in the Champion of Champions Oztag tournament. They all won the Hunter regional titles to progress to this tournament and all three teams played really well. Both girls teams made it to the quarter finals - our Year 7/8 girls were beaten narrowly by the eventual winners and the Year 9/10 girls had a draw with the eventual runners up but didn't proceed as the other team finished higher in the pools. The boys were up against some strong competition but according to Mr Martine, their best work was on Tuesday night when they cooked a barbecue dinner for the whole group and left the area spotless! Congratulations to all the students on their efforts and behaviour on what was a great two days away.

ethos physiotherapy at HSHS

strength & conditioning knowledge hub: mr trypas shares his tips

Hunter Sports High's Strength & Conditioning Coach Mr Adam Trypas has a wealth of knowledge in all things health and fitness for adolescent athletes. He's sharing some insights for students and parents on our Facebook page about the latest research and world's best practice in strength, conditioning and athlete development. Here are his latest gems of wisdom:


If you want to maximise all aspects of performance, eating a nutritious breakfast is a must! This doesn't only apply to athletes, but is important for all our students to ensure they can concentrate in the classroom and make the most of their day! Don't forget all students can grab themselves a healthy breakfast at our school Breakfast Club every Monday & Friday from 8am.

training load:

Are you getting enough recovery? Sometimes less is more!

Mr Trypas shares his strength and conditioning expertise each fortnight on our Facebook page.

student welfare news

Two Year 9 students, Breanna and Julia, have been participating in the Youth Frontiers program run here at HSHS. Our Youth Worker Keira and Big Picture Advisor Mr Staley recently attended a 'Pitch-It' session at The Place Charlestown Square. The girls pitched their project ideas to a panel of four community representatives and received some great positive and constructive feedback. Breeanna is working on a project to raise awareness for the LGBTQI+ community and Julia’s topic is 'Saving the Planet One Meal At A Time' by eating one vegan meal a day. Congratulations to the girls on their efforts so far. We look forward to seeing the end results of the projects when the girls present them at a showcase in Term 4.

Breeanna and Julia pitch their Youth Frontiers project ideas at The Place in Charlestown
donations required for youth frontiers project

Year 9 student Breeanna is working on a project as part of the Youth Frontiers program run. As part of her 'UKnitted' project, Breeanna is making flags, miniature teddy bears and scarves that she will raffle to help raise awareness for the LGBTQI+ community and she needs our help to get some materials for her project.

"I am in need of support for gaining materials and equipment such as knitting needles (any size) and wool/yarn (any thickness). I would much appreciate this as you would help me to reach my goal of raising awareness for the LGBTQI+ community. Donations can be made at Hunter Sports High School in the front office. I am in need of these donations by the 30th of August. Thanks for the help." Breeanna

community notices

entertainment books for dad
Purchase an Entertainment Membership to help HSHS and win a great prize for Dad!

Purchase an Entertainment Membership for Dad for Father’s Day and not only will you be supporting Hunter Sports High School but you will also go in the draw to WIN the ultimate Father’s Day prize - 2 tickets to the 2019 Toyota AFL Grand Final + a $400 flight voucher! Get your Membership today at the link below:


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