Contemporary Artists & Their Work By: Sarah Langley

By: Mike Savlen

Mike Savlen

His work is not only unique but it has a lot of color to it that makes it stand out. I could remix this artist by maybe actually painting the subject of my photo with real paint.

Yung Cheng

The photography of Yung Cheng Lin represents a sensitive and surreal vision of the female condition. Sexuality, menstruation, maturity or birth are some of the topics Yung Cheng Lin explores with his camera. Its amazing and also stunning pictures perfectly reflect moods and situations that a woman lives in her everyday life. We hope you like it as we do. Enjoy them!

His work is plain but shows a lot of meaning and stands out with the people who he uses in the photo. He makes the one person who is in the photo stand out with the items that he uses and incorporates in the person.

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