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Teens as young as 13 have often already tried drugs as powerful as cocaine. Teens might tell themselves they will only try a drug once, but many teens find themselves under continual peer pressure to continue to experiment with drugs and “join the party.”

Most teens don't start using drugs expecting to develop a substance abuse problem, and while most teens probably see their drug use as a casual way to have fun, there are negative effects that are a result of this use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs. The biggest consequence to casual drug use can be that it develops into a true addiction. Very few addicts recognize when they have crossed the line from casual use to addiction.

Most teens don't think that they will become addicted, and simply use drugs or alcohol to have a good time and be more like their friends. When teens become addicted they lose friends, develop health problems, start to fail in school, experience memory loss, lose motivation, and alienate their family and friends with their negative behaviors and often unpredictable emotional swings.

If you are a parent who is concerned about your teen, the signs to look for are declining interest in activities your teen once enjoyed, changes in school performance, and unpredictable mood swings that seem to be about more than just teen hormones.

Abuse of drugs and alcohol can also change friendships, as teens begin to move away from old friends who don't approve of their drug use and begin to associate with fellow drug users who will encourage and support one other's drug use. Parents should be very concerned when teens dump one group of friends for another, especially if they are secretive about the new peer group.

Most teens who are addicted won't see a problem with their behavior or their drug use. Drugs make them feel good, and are a way to relieve the stress of school, problems at home, disagreements with friends, and other pressures of growing up.

The sooner you can recognize that your child or your friend is abusing alcohol or other drugs, the sooner you can seek help. If you notice changes in behavior, changes in friends, lying about after school or weekend activities, changes in mood, or depression your teen might have a problem with substance abuse.

If you or someone you care about has a drug problem, talk to them about it and encourage them to get help. Addiction treatment programs specializing in teens can help your child build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

If you are a teen concerned about your own drug use, parents are probably the last people you want to ask for help, but they can but they can help you to find the treatment program that will support and guide you through recovery. If you are a parent or friend of a teen who has a substance abuse problem, talk to them about their problem and encourage them to get help. The sooner you or someone you love gets help, the more likely they are to achieve successful recovery.



Exercise 4 : MOBILE APP

Fahionista's - Log in page
Homepage - Contains 4 icons in the homepage which is the Trending Celebs, Celeb Styles, the highlight of the app *Fashionista* and the information regarding the app. There is also a sidebar that includes *Fashionista's* features.
Trending Celebs contain information of the hottest and most trending celebrities. This includes the things they wear from clothes, jeans and watches. This is constantly updated to give the user more information regarding latest celebrity wear. Some celebrity items are also purchasable in the application.
Celeb Style - Contains updated and recent articles of celebrity clothes to what they like to wear and where they got it from.
*Fashionista* - The main function of the app. This allows users to update their photos taken recently or online from celebrities in which they are unsure of what they are wearing. Once taken the image it is then scanned and sent to the *Fashionista* team in which they will be given information regarding the wears of the celebrity or something similar.
Users will be notified at the sidebar once the image has been reviewed by the team.
Located at the sidebar, this includes all photos snapped and automatically saved in the app. Users are here able to view what has been reviewed to them by the *Fashionista* fashion expert teams.
This shows an example of the photo reviewed. Users are now able to identify what their favorite celebrities wear. The function also includes to wear they would like to purchase these items from the online store app if available or even search nearby brand outlets that have them.
The Google Map shows where Users are able to purchase their recently reviewed photos if they aren't available from our stores.


Our social media page goes by the name "What's In My Bag." Our page aim to inform people who are planning to travel on what to include in their bag when they pack for their trip. This page geared towards people who aren't sure of what to expect of the place they are travelling to but would still like to be prepared. To promote our page, we've have decided to show a few essentials you should include in your bag when travelling to certain places.

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping Link

Mood Board

not in this photo: Katerina Ikrathova

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He is too sleepy and he fall asleep within 1 minute


He is so happy because he loves travel

3. SAD

Sometimes he is sad and he feel down and upset


He enjoy working earn more money and get to travel during holiday


Sometimes he get angry easily


He always get confused !


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