Electri Vesperum The New Vacation Hotspot

Live in a lustrous neighborhood filled with friends, comfort and activities with plenty of entertainment. Be one of the first to explore the galaxy and join the excitement of Venus. This first class trip is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Stay in a five-star rated room, equipped with a personal laptop, high-speed internet, and your own private bathroom.

Communication between ships, neighbors and even friends is made possible with the use of traditional cell phones. Solar energy collected using solar panels throughout the community is used to power the phones. Communication to Earth will use the Venus Express, Venus's satellite. Regular communication can not work because Venus is 25,000,000 miles from Earth. The Venus Express will be coded to project messages from the public as well as messages directly from NASA.

Imagine the feeling of waking up to a full course meal with gourmet treats that use ingredients grown fresh above the atmosphere, such as watermelon, strawberries, potatoes, and bell peppers. Every neighborhood features five large kitchens where meals are prepared and enjoyed. All of our foods are nutrient dense and have many health benefits. For example, strawberries help to prevent cancer, garlic salt helps to lower cholesterol, and believe it or not bell peppers currently hold the record for food with the highest amount of Vitamin C. Our plants will have plenty of sun light because below the atmosphere (even going through clouds, etc.) the heat reaches levels of 864 degrees Fahrenheit. We will make sure that our plants don't get roasted by using glass to protect them. We are using glass because it's lowest melting point at 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

In your Venus neighborhood kitchen you can also enjoy freshly cooked bacon, chicken, and even steak.
Treats will be served every afternoon at the buffet in your neighborhood kitchen.

When you are feeling especially adventurous, you can always take a stop by the Venus Recreation Center.

The recreation space craft will feature a work out room because we believe that it is important to stay fit in order to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Anti Gravity Jump House!!!

Venus has less gravity than Earth by 9 G, but all of this is below the atmosphere. Above, the air is gravity-less. Using this fun advantage, we created the anti-gravity jump where you can fill your day with fun. Swoop through hoops, dive under friends and play tag with a whole new feeling of flight.

Not only is it important for humans to stay healthy, but also pets! Two of the five neighborhoods will welcome pets. Also, the Venus Recreation Center will feature a pet park for your beloved animals to meet their own friends and have the opportunity to play.

Anti-Gravity Pool!!!

Bring your swimsuits! With this new low gravity pool (once again using the fact that we're above the atmosphere), you can cool down and take a rest at the end of a busy day. Or you can just dance, play, and have fun splashing in the pool throughout the day. This enchantment fascinates all with a first hand experience with water in low-gravity.

Venusian School - The Venus Academy

Of course, anyone who has children would know that sometimes you need a break from them. School is important to kids because it teaches them skills important for later in their life. The teachers are the Venusian school are top-notch and trained to specifically attend to every student's needs.

I bet you didn't know:

  • Venus was once thought to be a tropical paradise.
  • Atmospheric pressure on Venus is 92 times greater than on Earth.
  • A day on Venus takes 116 days and 18 hours in Earth days.

Venus Survival Camp

Journey through the life of an astronaut. Try COVE-Camp On Venus Environment, a featured survival camp with many methods of living. Experience the survival on Venus, and try a whole new way of life. Camp in a habitat, eat freeze-dried food, ride a rover! In this adventure you'll learn all about Venus, space, and the hardships of a scientist.

Sunset Viewer

After a day of participating in all of the fun activities, you may need time to really rest and relax. Visit the Sunset Viewer, a one sided mirror where people can't disturb or see you in your private room. The view captivates you as you sleep with the sun. Due to the sun's proximity to Venus, you can get a fresh tan or have a fun vacation from the snow back on Earth. Know you are safe from the clouds made of sulfuric acid that used to haunt the idea of colonizing Venus, as you will be well above them. Be among the first to wear graphite sun glasses to protect your eyes from the sun's strong rays. Graphite is used as the frame for the glasses because it can withstand up to 4,300 degrees Fahrenheit before reaching it's melting point. The lenses on the glasses are made of glass because it's melting point is 2,500 - 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even getting to Electri Vesperum can be an exciting new experience:

Take a ride in a 25,500 mph full thrust to Venus!

The Venus 1.0 (your ride to paradise) features a game room with pool tables, ping pong , and and even video game consoles for the gamer in your family. Since it takes 153 days to get to Venus, it's spacecraft will act like an airport with many different types of snacks, treats, and gourmet meals.

When preparing for your visit, make sure add a Venus sticker to your luggage bag! Be sure you come prepared with swimsuits and day wear along with sleeping attire to be sure you are ready for your visit. Towels are provided in all bathrooms and bath robes are available for purchase at the front desk.
The last surprise that Venus will hold is a gift shop. If you travel far from home, you probably want a small souvenir to remember your time on Venus.

Our gift shop features Venus and Earth rocks, mini toy rovers, key chains, and pictures of the activities in Venus. Something that is unique about the The Venus Gift Shop is that there is a machine were you can download any photos from your phone or camera and print them. There is also also a framing station to make sure all of your photos are protected and kept secure.

Electri Vesperum has all the family fun for a life time. Traveling to space and living in a resort would make anybody's childhood dream come true, so lets make this happen together. BE the new Christopher Columbus, BE among the first to explore Venus, BE here at Electri Vesperum, living in the future of space.


  • Oxygen and supply expert, communications expert, and dedicated founder Caitlin Yang quotes,"Lustrous in whole new ways!"
  • Grace Mertes ~ health and fitness expert, "Jules Verne" idea generator, and dedicated founder cites, "this sounds like an amazing experience on another planet! I hope we can create this and make it a reality."
  • Chief architect, energy production manager , transportation leader, and dedicated founder Sasha Truax mentions, "Every idea has been tested. Now all we need is the ride to space and little kids dreams across the galaxy will flourish."
  • NASA director Vishali Sutharsan excerpts, "Wow... Amazing!"
  • Professor at Yale University and author of "Venus Survival", Glenn Aguiar excerpts, "This vacation is super amazingly fun, no snow, super heat-Ahhh"
  • Professor at Harvard University and former commander of a mission to the Moon, Bridgett Warner iterates, "Book my reservation! It sounds AMAZING!!!"
  • Chief of the Animals in Space program observes, "As fun as watching those puppies tumble in space, this is amazing."
  • Director of the Sports in the Milky Way program, Adrianna Xurta quotes, "I like to play and have fun - entertainment all day - this is my chance."
  • Martian entrepreneur and winner of Dancing With the Stars Kaiya Kremer recites, "Great family fun... I would recommend this to any family."
  • Saturn scientist and Head of Congress and the Salvation Ring, Paige Danes mentions, "Absolutely lovely... Anyone who loves travel should go..."
  • Milky Way scientist, Stephanie Liu iterates, "Amazing... the sights leave you breathless..."
  • Beth Retems, NASA director and author of, "The Evening Star" says, "It sounds like a once in a once in a life time opportunity above the clouds. Brilliant!"

Any questions, comments?

Contact us on the NASA website (https://www.nasa.gov/about/contact/index.html)


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