Exploring Lyon on the turn of the year 2018/2019

Citizens while on holiday, working, shopping, and organizing their life.

Traboules. In the UNESCO Heritage of the old town of Lyon, several yards, passages and walks nerve the houses build close to each other. Some can be entered easily others are locked.

Churches, Basilica, Cathedrals, corresponding a big city
City lights in winter time
Lyon culinary

The food you need for your daily meal can be purchased in different locations. The most direct and intense place to buy it are markets. Not the supermarkets (usually with better choice in french markets than abroad) but in the open markets along the street or at a market place, directly from the producer. Or, in the market halls with their "every day" offers. Lyon has a market hall dedicated to the famous chef de cuisine Paul Bocuse.

Buying high quality food is not a guarantee for a good meal. You also need a good cook and his team.
Musée des confluences
Times are changing

Mobility behavior is changing to more electric power. But, conventional moving is still common.

Paintings and Graphity

You will find masterpieces of paintings on a facade. You will see great graphity but cannot avoid finding only scribbling.

Only Lyon

Lyon is a city in the southeast of France. Today it is the second largest metropolis, or metro area in France (Paris is the largest). In 2014, about 506.000 people lived in Lyon, about 2.300.000 in the urban area. The town was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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