Learn how to create scrapbook in just a few easy steps

What is Scrapbook?

📖 Scrapbook definition: Scrapbooking can be defined as preserving memories in an attractive layout. To create a scrapbook you have to arrange photos, add a page title, write down your memories and add embellishments.

The scrapbook pages are usually gathered into a scrapbook album for the family and loved ones’ enjoyment.

Vintage Scrapbook

What supplies do you need to make a scrapbook?

  • Cardstocks. Solid-colored plain or textured, acid-free papers. Usually used as background papers and as photo mats.
  • Patterned Papers. Acid-free papers with designs or prints. You can use them as photo mats, as background papers, as part of your page accents and such.
  • Scissors. Crafts scissors or a pair of straight-cut scissors you can use to crop your photos and to cut down your papers to desired sizes.
  • Needle & Thread. Use a needle to stitch the scrapbook elements. Stitching is a great alternative to glue.
  • Adhesives & Acid-free glue. There’s liquid glue, glue-dots and glue-tapes.
  • Journaling Pen. Pens used on your scrapbook layouts should preferably be pigment ink, acid-free, waterproof, fade proof and non-bleeding. Such pens are easily available at scrapbook stores.
  • Scrapbook Album. A scrapbook album is the “house” for your layouts. After completing each scrapbook layout, just slot them into your scrapbooking album for protection and viewing.
  • Embellishments for Scrapbooking. You’ll be amazed by the variety of embellishments available to the scrapbookers. From buttons, ribbons, textile (e.g. lace), fibers, dried flowers, food (pasta, dried fruits, cookies), beads to metal frame, It’s really an eye-popping experience shopping for embellishments.

What Elements Can You Add In A Scrapbook?

1. Name Design

A name design is an image of your name written or drawn in an artistic style. The name design is also called name art design as it uses graphic elements & stylized text.

Add a name design in your scrapbook template. Use bright colors, threads, lace, glitter and even beads. Combine and mix different materials. Use only organic materials and eco friendly glue.

There are lots of cool ways to draw your name. You only need to find a text style for your name design.

These are just few of the text styles that you can use to write your name in a creative way:

  • Calligraphy name
  • Graffiti name
  • Doodle name
  • Tattoo name design
  • Floral name design
  • Monogram name
  • Signature name design, etc

2. Word Coloring Pages

In a scrapbook you can add coloring pages made by your kids. Learn how to create your own personalized word coloring pages from this quick tutorial for beginners.

3. Photos & Photo Collage

A scrapbook is usually build around photos. In a baby scrapbook journal you can add funny photos of your baby. Make an interesting photo collage by gathering photos from special moments like birthdays, first bath, first day of school, first Christmas, etc.

Image Flickr: chris_hertel & familybees (Jenny)

4. Paper Cutouts

The scrapbook backgrounds are usually made using different types of paper, paper cutouts and other similar elements. Use magazine cutouts for example; they look great on scrapbooks.

5. Fabric & Textile

Image Flickr: msceejay2000 & chris_hertel
Image Flickr: chris_hertel & y ButterflySha

6. Organic Elements

Use organic elements like leaves, flowers, branches, dried fruit slices, pastas, etc.

How To Create a Scrapbook?

  • Pick a Scrapbook Theme (Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Baby, Travel, Food, School, Party, etc.)
  • Choose the Paper and create the Background
  • Sort Your Photos. Select several photos of one theme.
  • Choose a Layout for the photo collage
  • Choose a Focal Point Photo. Select one photo to be the main picture on your layout. Add the other Photos and arrange them
  • Add Journaling. Add text that describes what is in the photos. Add a short description, write the date of the photo, etc.
  • Add Embellishments.

Online Scrapbooking

Did you know that you can also make scrapbook online? Check out this scrapbook template that you can edit and customize online.

You just have to pick an online free photo editing software that has text, graphic elements and illustrations. You can use this tool as an online scrapbook maker.

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