Lonnie G. Johnson American Inventor

  • Five Things About Lonnie's Life:
  • He was born on October 6, 1949
  • He attended college at Tuskegee University
  • He was an engineer for NASA
  • Lonnie attached a lawnmower engine to a go-kart and raced it along the highway until the police pulled him over
  • He died on June 16, 1970
  1. The Super Soaker water gun has been in the world's top 20 best-selling toys since it was released
  2. When he made the toy he was replacing a heat pump
  3. The first super soaker went on sale in 1990
  4. In the first three years he sold 27 million super soakers at $10 each
  5. Before it was called to super soaker it was called the Power Drencher


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