Pukeko Newsletter Term 3 - 2016


We wish to extend a warm welcome to you all and hope you’ve managed to grab some quality time with your tamariki. Also, special greetings to our new children and their families and of course their wonderful teacher, Mrs Louise Kidd. We are thrilled to have you all on board and wish you every success as you continue your journey of learning at Marshland School.

The teachers have planned and organised a range of learning opportunities for this nine week term. Our team will be following the Olympics with interest in light of the fact that some of our tamariki have relatives competing at this event. The Arts will be a major focus this term as we prepare the children for their first School Production.

Our teachers work extremely hard to ensure that the social, emotional and intellectual needs of all children are met. This means that, within this collaborative environment, the children may be grouped accordingly and see more than one teacher throughout the day e.g. Mrs Drury for Maths, Miss Mottram for Reading etc. Your child’s home group teacher will of course be responsible for all pastoral care and assessment and should be your first port of call if you have any concerns or enquiries.

Term 3 Programme

Reading takes place first thing in the morning which involves a group of children reading a book with the teacher in a guided reading session. They have must-do activities to complete when they are not with the teacher. Once they have completed their must-do, they have the opportunity to choose their own reading/language based can-do activity.

The children follow a structured writing programme based around the Literacy Learning Progressions and work towards class and individual goals. We are learning to present our work digitally in a variety of ways. You will be able to view your child’s work on our Writing Wall later this term.

This term the children will be solving addition/subtraction real world problems, many will also be covering multiplication/division problems. Towards the end of the term we will be introducing Statistics and linking this to the Olympics unit. Students will count, compare, organise, analyse, display and interpret data and at the same time, apply early additive strategies (recognise that numbers can be split into parts and recombined in different ways).

Please support and motivate your child as they complete their set tasks and read with them daily. We encourage all children to practice their spelling words at home by writing them down.

PE & Health - Jump Rope for Heart and Emotional Coaching

This term the Pukeko Hub are taking part in the Jump Rope for Heart Programme. This will involve the children learning the appropriate techniques to develop their skipping abilities. We will hold a Skip-a-thon on Friday 19th August where the children can bring a gold coin to donate to The Heart Foundation.

We are going to be focussing on Emotional Coaching this term. This will give the children skills and strategies to manage their emotions, show how they interact with their peers and give them the tools so they can solve problems.

Enterprise - Sale of goods produced

As part of the enterprise unit, completed at the end of last term, the children will be selling their pillowcases and a pack of five cards next Thursday and Friday, before and after school. These are priced at $10 for the package. Please bring the money to your home group teacher. The correct change will be greatly appreciated. The children have decided to use the proceeds for new educational games. We hope you will support them.

Kapahaka/Te Reo

The Pukeko Team will have Kapahaka on Friday mornings between 10:00am-10:30am. This will be facilitated by our kaiako (teachers) Whaea Tania and Matua Willy. This session also creates a wonderful opportunity for our senior students to help teach our youngest tamariki (tuakana-teina).

School Production - (Years 1 - 6) The Button Box

In the final week of term all students in Years 1 - 6 will perform in the school production ‘The Button Box’. There will be a matinee and two evening performances. More information about this will be sent out within the next few weeks.

Discovery - Play Based Unit

This term we will start our Discovery unit. Discovery is a popular inquiry unit used in many schools, where children are given the opportunity to learn and practise the key competencies in the New Zealand Curriculum. The key competencies are: managing self, participating and contributing, thinking, relating to others, and using language, symbols and text. Each week the children will be given a focus to work on (for example: resilience, getting along etc). They will then be offered a selection of play opportunities and a chance to use these skills. At the end of the session the children will reflect on their learning, and then start to transfer these life skills to the playground and all other areas of life at home and school. If you are available on a Friday between 11-1pm we would love you to assist their learning, as well as helping us set-up and pack away after these sessions. Please let Lou know if and when you’d be able to help, even if it’s just for one session - kidd@marshland.school.nz.

Mini Olympic Unit

This term our topic focus is on the Olympics. The students will learn about important Olympic values such as friendship, respect and excellence. We will also be discussing famous New Zealanders and how they contribute to NZ history. The other part to this unit is the statistical aspect. The students will be involved in discussion about the results each day of the Olympics, and how we might portray these in a bar graph.

Dates to remember

Friendly Reminders

It’s surprising just how many soft shell jackets were found at the end of last term. We know how costly it can be to replace lost or unnamed gear so please ensure that your child’s clothing is named.

It’s great to see so many of our children walking, scootering, biking to and from school. For health and safety reasons, we kindly ask that children and adults walk their bikes and scooters into the school grounds.

Our school uniform (old and new) including black shoes is compulsory.

Again for Health and Safety reasons, children should be collected from school around 3:00pm or thereafter. Under no circumstances, should children wait around the carpark for their parents to collect them. They must wait outside their hubs.

We value and understand the importance of a positive partnership between school and home and encourage parents/caregivers to speak with your child’s home-group teacher if you have any concerns. We believe in keeping the lines of communication open and invite your feedback (good or bad). Feel free to email the teachers if you would like to discuss any matters or make an appointment.






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