2016-2017 Intro to Art Portfolio Klaire jeffrey

I took intro to art because I've always liked art. Art has always been my best and favorite subject and I succeed in being creative in my own way. I know I am good when I try so I'm going to try harder. This year I want to learn how to draw a variety of things rather that just faces or animals that I like best. I also want to expand the ways I draw by using the techniques I've learned so far but I want to learn more.

Edges and Contour example
Spaces example ( positive and negative)
Relationships and proportions example
Lights and shadowing example. I learned the most from this one because I now know not only how to shadow random objects but I can shadow faces and other things with light on in as well.
In my first drawing I wasn't able to get the simple details in my hand and the proportions of my fingers were all wrong. In the second drawing I wasn't allowed to look but it was still somewhat okay. In my final drawing, after many classes and learning how to get every detail and shadow isn't, it almost looks perfect. The shadows were great and the proportions were exactly how they should've been.
This drawing is also an example of chiaroscuro because of the lights and shadows on the checks and nose. The light goes one way and pushes the shadows forward while there is light in many spaces.
In my first self portrait I was off on almost everything. The details weren't even right. The proportions were all wrong and I had commas for eyebrows. In my second drawing the details got so much better. The shadowing was okay and the proportions weren't too bad. But my third drawing was by far the best I've ever done. It wasn't my entire face but it was enough to show how much detail was actually in my face. The glimmer of light in my eye, the crevices in my lips , and the shadow was almost flawless. I messed up a few times but practice makes perfect.
I wish I could redo my self portrait because in my opinion I didn't do as good as I thought before because I look back at it and I see that I messed up my eye proportions and the shadow on the left side looked drawn in with pencil. If I had more time I'm sure I could've faded the shadows more.
I have seen the most improvement in my drawing ability, my technical skills, such as color blending, controlling charcoal, and cross hatching. I can draw more realistically and I can make shadows look real instead of just dark spots.
I think the project I learned the most from was the gradation project. I feel that by the time I was done with this project, the outcome was stronger and smoother than it was before and it definitely wasn't as messy.
I learned that in color theory it's best not to blend complimentary colors and get gross browns and greens rather than blend analogous colors that are across from eachother.
I feel that I was very able to master chalk pastels because it was simple to blend darker colors on top of lighter ones
I was definitely unable to master oil pastels because I could not get the gradations right and the sticks were too big to fill in the lines. I also added more oil pieces than I originally had

In this year, I believe I have improved myself as an artist through color use and knowledge and attitude. I realized that the main problem with my artwork was that I believed I wasn't good enough and I told myself other people could do better than I ever could. I now know that I'm as great as an artist as I am able to be and I will strive to push myself higher. As for colors and knowledge, I think I have a greater knowledge as to how to blend certain colors and much of that color to use when I'm blending so I've definitely gotten better with colors.

I have discovered that I am a much better artist because of the things I have learned throughout this class. I've been taught too much to say the least and it has definitely bettered my thinking skills and actually makes me think about the things I could acomplish in my future

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