Images Designing web pages

It is critical to remember that authenticity is an very important factor in the web design process. Apart from text, images are what help us get our message through to the viewers. There are many ways that we can use images to convey our themes and messages. Not only are images further explaining what we are trying to say but also enhancing our themes. It is critical to remember that good pictures are those that are authentic and not simply taken from the internet. Another negative factor of simply taking an image from the internet are copyrights, we must remember that unless stated a picture is not public domain and it usually has an owner and we need permission in order to use it. There are plenty of sites out there that can help immensely while looking for a relevant and appealing picture ( those referenced in our readings). Once a picture is found, there are plenty of ways of enhancing it. We can crop pictures out with tools such as in order to focus our attention to certain aspects of the image or highlight certain areas in order to bring the image to life. The options are endless, but it is important to remember that authenticity must always be the priority of images.

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