AITUTAKI By Blanca Arias and Claudia valdés


Aitutaki, also known as Araura, is located in the south of the Pacific Ocean, near the French Polinesya and the Cook Islands. It belongs to the Cook Islands (New Zeland) and it is also located 225 km away from Rarotonga (Cook Islands). It has 15 islands in total, but the biggest one is Aitutaki with Arutanga known as its biggest settlement.

An interesting fact is that the island is so small that it has only 12 km from the western coast to the eastern coast and it has 18, 05 km/2. That means that Aitutaki is smaller than Alcorcón because it has 33, 74 km/2.


Aitutaki has 2000 inhabitants and it is the second most visited islands of the Cook Islands. The eastern part of the island is composed of small islands: Mangere, Akaiami, and Tekopua.


They use the New Zealand dollar, which means that each dollar is 0,68 euros.New Zealand dollars are not the same due to the fact that a New Zealand dollar is 0.71 US dollar.


In Winter(Jun,Jul,Aug) the maximum temperature is 25ºC and the minimum is 19ºC.In Summer(Dec,Jan,Feb) the maximum temperature is 29ºC and the minimum is 21ºC. We recommend you to visit Aitutaki in their Summer(our Winter) because it's hotter and you can celebrate Christmas there!


If you want to go to Aitutaki, you can travel by plain but you might have to make some transfers in New Zeland and Cook Islands. You can also go on boat from the Cook Islands but it is a little too far.


In the western coast of Aitutaki there is a beach called Tamanu Beach where every Thursday night they perform the traditional dance: the Fire Dance. They dance with the traditional costumes and songs.


This is fresh tropical fruit with bread, fish and vegetable salads served on a plate made of palm tree leaves.


We recommend you to visit or do this below if you go to Aitutaki.

You can do snorkelling and see the beautiful life under the water
You can visit the lagoons and beaches,they are breathtaking!
You can go on this traditional boat through the lagoons and the sea.
You can also do this type of surf.It is very difficult,try not to fall!

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