Maniac Magee by jerry spinelli explore Maniac Magee's troubled times




and of course


Jeffery(maniac Magee) had a normal life and was happy but when it seemed that things could not get any better his parents drowned in a trolly that ran into a lake

the crash

Jeffery had to go live with his crazy aunt and uncle.It also didn't help that he was misrible

his aunt and uncle

finally he was sick of it. so he ran away.

ran away from his prolems

he ran for what felt like forever and had somethings happen on the way.

never ending

he found a home with the Beales who were very nice and he was happy but this was during when black people were segregated from the white people.

the beales house

but someone just couldn't deal with the fact that he was white and he left.

he does doesn't like whites

he found another home and thought he would live happily ever after. the old man even played baseball with him

old and young can play together

but happily ever after seems like it cant happen for maniac.

graysons grave

will maniac find his happy ending or will he forever be alone?

fine out in maniac Magee by spinelli


don't give up...



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