Mrs. Costello 6th Grade English at Van cleve

Major tasks

Mrs. Costello teaches, plans confining lessons plans to go with learning styles,provide feedback, student led learning

What other staff members do you consult with with reaching your students?

Mrs. Costello consults with other language arts teachers in her team.

How are you required to adhere to state or national education-related polices?

All the language arts teachers get together and plan the school year at the beginning. They decided that the first quarter will be over fiction, the second is over nonfiction, the third is over poetry, and finally the fourth is wrap up.

What personal qualities and/or skills are necessary to be successful in your position?

Mrs. Costello says a teacher needs to be flexible, like kids, and have content specific knowledge.

What interpersonal skills do you find most important? Why?

Mrs Costello says the most important skills is having patience because all students learn at different speeds.

What do you wish you knew before you entered the profession?

Mrs. Costello wish she knew how much state departments requirements, testing, and standards change every year.

How does a person in your position become licensed?

Mrs. Costello says you have to take the course work, graduate, apply to the Ohio Education Department, pay the money, and go through a background and fingerprint check.

What is your greatest satisfaction as a teacher?

Mrs. Costello says her greatest satisfaction is when former students reach out to her and thank her or say they remember her.

If you could, what would you change about your job?

Mrs. Costello says she would allow her to have more time and sperate language arts into a reading and writing class

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