How to make a Lattice StIck bridge By: Keegan Klingele


  • 1 bottle of Elmers glue
  • 300 popsicle sticks
  • Newspaper
  • Rubber bands
  • Paper clips
  • Table for work
  • Yard stick

Step 1- Lay two pieces of newspaper on the table so glue doesn't get onto the table

Step 2- Take six sticks and lay them on the flat side horizontally an inch apart.

Step 3- Then take five sticks and put glue on ends of the sticks. After that put the sticks in between the gaps of the six sticks. You might need to put paper clips where you glued the ends of the sticks.

Step 4- Keep glueing and adding sticks in the gaps of the sticks. Make sure the sticks stay in line and even.

Step 5- Keep on adding sticks with the same method until it reaches eleven sticks wide.

Step 6- After that you need to make another structure just the same expect it's going to be 4 sticks long with 11 sticks wide.

Step 7- The first structure should be 35 inches in length. The second structure should be 30 inches. Use a yard stick to measure.

Step 8- After the structures are finished and the glue is dry you need to add the supports. To make the supports insert sticks through the slot of the smaller structure. Then insert it through the slot in the bottom structure. You do not need to glue them because you will take them out later. These sticks will hold the two structures above each other so you can add stronger supports.

Step 9- Then once those are added put sticks with glue through the slots at the end of the bigger structure on the bottom. After that connect those sticks with the slots of the smaller structure on top.

Step 10- Use rubber bands to hold the supports at the areas where you glued the sticks. The rubber bands with keep the sticks together.

Step 11- Add the same supports to the other side.

Step 12- Next you need to add sticks to each side of the bridge for extra support. Connect the sticks to the bottom structure to the top. Put the sticks on their flat side at an angle. Also put the sticks close together.

Step 13- Take out the sticks you put through the slots of the structures and make sure to be careful.

Step 14- Final step is to add glue wherever is needed.

Created By
Keegan Klingele

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