4A High School Volleyball Playoffs Green hope high school plays broughton high school in second round of NChsAA playoffs

For my photojournalism project I chose to shoot pictures of the volleyball game between Green Hope High School and Broughton High School. I chose this topic because volleyball is a part of my personal life and I have friends on the teams who were playing.

Sophomore Sydney Dowler jumps with intent to block the hit coming from Broughton's team and protect Green Hope's defense. (Rule of thirds)
Sophomore Sydney Dowler cheers during the team huddle after winning the last point of the game. (Reaction)
Sydney Dowler, sophomore, and Erin McIndoe, junior, cheer while walking off the court after a big win at the end of set two. (backlight)
Green Hope High School has consecutively received eight Wells Fargo Cups. The Wells Fargo cup is the symbol of overall sports excellence in high schools. (Repetition)
Green Hope athletic director stands alongside the Green Hope court banner while watching the game. (Leading lines)
Fans Sarah Wessner and Lucy Campbell cheer on Green Hope High School's volleyball team during set three. (Interesting angle)
The Green Hope High School volleyball team huddles on the court before the game to encourage their teammates during their game against Broughton High School. (Environment)
Junior captain Erin McIndoe defends ball with her hands after a hit to keep the rally going and win the point. (Action)
Broughton High School volleyball team and coaches huddles during time out after losing a tough set. (Fill)
Sophomore Taylor Nomanson bounces ball to prepare for her serve to begin the rally. (selective focus)

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