Rick Clunn renaIssance man

Rick Clunn, the man who is a legend! To begin, he was born in July 24, 1964, Ava Missouri. Rick began to get better and better at catching bass. In fact he won his first tournament on november 5 1976! Rick is turning into a champion. He entered in 10 tournaments when he was only 17. Rick Sadly died but he was holding some records. He enter in a total of 400 tournaments. All in all rick had a great life.

Weighing his bass in
His company maid these

What do you think Rick Clunns favorite lure was? Top water is his key lure. He won 300 of his tournaments with top water baits. He named a lure after his name “the Rick Clunn Lure”. Guess what? He caught a 23 pound bass with a topwater bait. Also, it was a World recorded! In fact he liked them so much he made a company to make them. Overall he is a bass fishing champ.

One of his favorite lure

Rick Clunn the big bass fisherman. He loved to catch them since he was a little kid. In one tournaments he caught a 23 pound bass! When he was a little kid he wanted to be a big bass fisherman. He always worked his hardest in everything. He was always the last one on the water. He never wanted to stop fishing. All in all he was addicted to bass fishing.

Him catching a big bass

Fun facts

He entered in 400 tournaments won 250 of them

Caught more than 5000 bass

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