Simple Wellness Nutrition Solutions for Women and Families

How I support you

  • Reduce your time spent on weight issues
  • Eliminate caregiver anxiety around feeding their children
  • Develop long lasting results into teenage and adult years

Common Issues

  1. Child not gaining enough weight
  2. Parent concerned about child's growth and "picky eating"
  3. Child gaining too much weight

Support for Parents/CaregiVers

  • Simplify mealtimes
  • Bring joy back to family meals
  • Help whole family establish healthful relationships with food

1 Evidenced Based Approach that works for moSt

Satter's Division of Responsibility

  • Parent roles in feeding: what, when and where
  • Child's role: if and how much

The Literature

  • Restriction doesn't work
  • Maternal feeding practices matter
  • Satter's division of responsibility works
  • Motivational interviewing and RDN support services improve pediatric outcomes

Why Refer to Me?

  • Passionate about promoting healthful relationships with food
  • Understand the emotional aspects of parenting and feeding
  • Experienced working with and applying the division of responsibility with a variety of families
  • Tailor my approach to each family
  • Trained in motivational interviewing
  • Believe in the power of partnership and communication

April Rhymaun, MS, RDN 317-660-5241


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