Cheese Naans Indian Food

Going to an Indian restaurant, ordering any of their curry dishes and not ordering a Cheese Naan to accompany you should be punished by law. Naan, a excellent Hindu bread, is the ideal accompaniment for dipping those tender and velvety sauces. It is a flat bread with yeast, in a shape of pita. The Naan is elaborated with yogurt which gives an extreme smoothness to its crumb, almost unctuous.

The recipe that I bring you is the Naan stuffed with cream cheese, my favorite. If you do not like the filling, simply ignore that step and you will get the basic version, sprinkled with fresh garlic and cilantro is also a bit sinful.

All who test this bread, become automatically, with or without stuffing, are worshiped by multitudes. For me it is a pleasure without limits to bathe the cazuelitas of the restaurant with this bread, under the attentive look of the waiter and exultation of cooks and other personnel of the place. I have been offered more bread if I did not have enough!


-300g flour baker

- 1 yogurt

- 80-85g of water

- 6 g of salt

- 1 tablespoon Ghee (or if not possible, olive oil)

- 4 tablespoons cream cheese (some people prefer quesitos in portions)

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Bosco Lopez-Dieguez

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