The water drops The Journey

I began my incredible journey as a water molecule I felt invincible like superman in a cloud of the angels and I saw my dad and my mom at a very long stone path. My mom and dad told that me that I need to go on a very hard journey. There will be a lot of pain and suffering to the depths of the earth, so I can see my mom and dad.

Then all of a sudden I was precipitating to a strange place, it was a very strange thing. I was very scared and I almost felt like I was about to die,but I did not, so I was so happy.

The things were called rocks, they were very hard and strong. It had been 7 hours since I got in the soil surface I just found out my name it was Jeff. I found some new friends they were name Rocky he was a boxer and he won all of his matches.

But when I started to see the match I started to go up in to a tree I learned a tree from his grandfather. I was infiltrating the tree when I got to the tree there were other water drops some were big and some were very small. I started to talk to the other water droplets so jeff sed "hi my name in Jeff," and the other water droplet said " you are Jeff". I sed that I saw the heavens it was so pretty it was like cotton candy and very fluffy and it was a happy place and you will see you family until you get out and make the cloud very mad at you.

Then it was a little wil and Jeff started to go up and up he was evaporating to the heavens. I was so excited to see his mom and dad again.

When I got to the heavens I saw them my mom and my dad and I said hi. But my mom and dad said did you complete your journey and I. Said no .but his mom said "need to complete the journey" and I said" NO!!!" Mom-"do the journey or I .will get your dad and he will throw you off the clouds.I said "that I will do the the journey."

After the thing that haped I was so tired but I had to do my journey again." But I whent to bed after I got up I felt a rumble and a big BOOM!!!!. It was the cloud it was very mad. I did not wont to get hurt so I Had to jump!! of but their was a plane so Jeff got in the plane to. Get to the ocean I was precipitating to the different world of water.

When I got to the other world I was tired so he had to take a nap after he got up I was in a strange place with a lot of water. I was scared to speak but he had to gane a lot of stuff to talk so I need to get out of here." The other water droplet explan that you can"t get out of her it is just a big problem. I was so confused but he just walked away in to the waste land of thousands of miles of water so big and so. Animals that are like Godzilla and their is godzilla in the middle of the ocean that their is a portal to get out. Of the ocean to a very good place of good luck.

So I had to get to the portal so he started to walk and then he started to run I herd a lot of noise that sounded like godzilla but it was just a animal. Jeff so started to get very annoyed because he hard a lot of noises in his journey but after a couple of years and I.

Finally got to the portal their he was god of all gods Godzilla he was stone I was so confused so he stepped on the portal. Then all of a sudden godzilla got out of his stone stage and had lots of upgrades like rock gun and flame launcher. I was scared but he just remember that this was a magical book that Erik was ritting he was the best riter in the world so he gave Jeff a rocket gun and so shot the gun and the screen was so magicl.

The portal had opened but there was a thing in of magic armer so I got it on and leped in to the portal. The portal had gotten to the clouds I was condensation but I did not see my mom or dad I was happy a little. But I was sad because I love my mom and dad but they had bin mean to my but. But I loved them but all of a sudden I started to go down I was precipiting but I had the thot of my mom and dad.

I landed in a lake of secret but I had to make the most of it so I had to get some help to get off of this place but their is know one thir but I had. Remembered that I had some magic armer so I tost my hand out and a peace of flame shot out of it. I sed"that was so cool but I have to get back on the right path."

S o I started to walk to a house that looked like it was 1,000,000,000 years but I got in it and it was so warm. But there was a very old man he explained that you won't to get out of this place then you will need to fined the portal. I was so mad mad as a dragon on stiruouds.So I started the journey of a life time. I started to walk but I was so tired but I had to center the portal to take me to a place of weirdness

. I was scared to go in but I had to let that thing in side me nat get out because I was born here. In this very place because their is a monster in me I had to make it very weak so it can. Not take my body and if that will every haped I will not be able to stop it. After that thing that I talking I got to the portal but threre was no monster but there was it was a star of power but. I got the armer and shot a fire boit and it had incinerated the star I gand it power and stepped on the portal and got transported to. The inside of a deer I was transpirting.

The deer was slimmy very slimmy I was in a animal But this was a robotic animal and the only slimmy part is the mouth.

I started to moved on to the great place called the the brain because I need to get out to the clouds. So I started to move stuff and finally I found the core of the brain it was like a robot but their was a little. Tissue it was in the middle of the layer waves but I just remembered that I had the monster in me but.

If I wan't stop it it will take my body but I had to so I called my family And sed that I need the key to my monster. So my family mailed the key I got the key but I saw it my brother. He was made a pure evil and he sed"you will not pass" and I sed" I will help you just come to me ok." My brother sed "stop this madness I will take the world with you." And I said "so that means that will need to kill you!!".

My brother sed" ok and a big ball of light out of his hand it got me and it had hurt my so bad. But I got the key and got it in my center of my chest and all of a sudden their was no more it was a monster of nitemire I was death. My brother was so happy that this was going to be a fun fight but I still had control over my body. So I fired a laser right there at my brothers locashen and he was gone the deer was destroyed and I was evaporating. To the heavens to remember that I had killed my brother I was a monster by night and a human by day. I had made a legendary remembery for my brother to make him in peace. So that in my water droplet story and a tragic one indeed.

The end Of this story.

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Erik Naylor


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