Zwiebach for MCC

MCC = Mennonite Central Committee; non-profit organization that does amazing works of good worldwide;

Zwiebach = Double Rolls; Prussian Mennonite ethnic food

First, get the music going. Loud. (I'm the only one home this Thursday evening. Well, me and the cats...)

These won't be Amish zwiebach. And not Holdeman either.

Scald milk, add butter, sugar, salt...

Proof yeast.

This is my medium-sized mixer. I love it.

All of the area Mennonite churches work together to donate thousands of items. They are auctioned or priced and sold at the annual Kansas MCC Sale held at the state fairgrounds in Hutchinson in April. There's a HUGE quilt auction. Also baked goods, ethnic Prussian Mennonite food to eat, and tons of other great things! The proceeds of the sale go to support MCC and its projects all around the world. I volunteered to make 15 dozen for the sale.

I use my oven for proofing the dough. Turn it on low for 3 minutes, turn it off. Put the tubs of dough in to raise for an hour.

Nice and cozy in there!

First raise complete. Punch down and knead. Back into tubs and the warm oven to raise again.

Making the zwiebach. It's a bit tricky, but once you figure it out, it goes pretty quick.

Make the base by squeezing off a walnut-sized ball of dough. Roll on the table just a bit to smooth. Place on the baking sheet.

Squeeze off another ball of dough for the top, this time about 3/4 the size of the base. Roll to smooth, place on base. Make a good strong dimple to join the two.

Let raise another 15 minutes or so. Then they are ready to bake!

I have a monster in my basement. I love it.

Almost done...maybe another 2 minutes.

I wish I could take a picture of how good my house smells right now. Yeah... This is pretty close.

A couple of my favorite things right here.

Miles of zwiebach.

Bagged up Friday morning and ready to take to church to catch the van-ride to sale.

I hope they all find good homes.

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Sharon Schmidt

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