Tour of the Harn What is The Good Life?

Medium of Art: The below Korean Buddhist decoration was shocking to see in real life. I had heard that the that the broken-armed cross or the swastika was a decoration in Buddhist artwork but I still felt strange looking at it. To me it has always represented the horrors that coincide with the vicious Nazi movement. However, in Buddhist culture, it is a sign of peace and goodness. I find it curious that a symbol can display such a horrific thing in one culture while at the same time represent something so pure and good in another culture.

Design of the Museum: I found it enjoyable that the Harn had various gardens throughout it's exhibits. Gardens like this one, the Irving J. Goffman Garden, allow visitors of the museum to rest their tired legs with benches by each of the viewing windows. The gardens themselves serve as break from the complexities and depth of the artwork by being simplistic and peaceful. The natural light along with the lush vegetation allows you to cleans the your brains pallet from being indoors to long.

Art and Core Values: Nobody represents the combination of artwork and values like Frida Kahlo. She should for women's equality, something she deeply believed in. No matter the hardships or resentment she faced for holding her belief she stuck with them. I respect this kind of loyalty toward one's beliefs. I stick by my core values no matter what. One of these core values is my faith in Christianity. Nothing could shake me from it.

Art and the Good Life: I saw the below painting, Scene on Snake Key, Gulf Coast, and immediately thought it displayed the good life. To begin with, the scene is in nature which i find very peaceful. Secondly, the man in the painting has his dog with him. I'm a dog person and I strongly believe dogs are mans best friend, therefore being a key part of the good life. Finally, when I read the the info plate on the side I saw that the man was a German immigrant who came to America and found the american dream. My parents are an example of achieve the american dream and I hold that in high regard as a way to achieve the good life.

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