Get to know your Hawkeyes: Softball With Chloe De Jonge, Riki Ediger, and Liza Lohman

Chloe De Jonge

Weird Talent: Can hold a dollars worth of change on my collarbone

Hobbies: Sports and sleeping

Favorite Softball memory: When Grace Pate got stung by a jellyfish

Post HS plans: Going to Bethel College for nursing and softball

Best friend on the team: Haley Van Huis

Nickname: C-Hole (Because my name is misspelled so often)

Chloe pitching against Holland
Riki Ediger #14

Weird Talent: Memorized all the lines in Emperors New Groove

Hobbies: Sports and reading

Favorite softball memory: Food between double headers (I just love food so much)

Post HS plans: College softball

Best friends on the team: Liza L. and Josie V.

Nickname: Riki or Rickster

Riki laying down a bunt
Liza Lohman #10

Weird Talent: Can eat jalapenos plain

Hobbies: Riding Quads, hunting, sports

Favorite softball memory: When Josie came to practice "underdressed"

Post HS plans: College somewhere

Best friends on the team: Haley V, Riki E, Josie V

Nickname: Liza Jo

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