Kananaskis County Alberta, Canada

Took a little day trip out to Upper Kananaskis Lake on January 13th, 2018 and was originally heading out to do some snowshoeing and sit by the rock built fire pit that has been nicely made for visitors back in the day, but the local wildlife had different plans...

Four beautiful big horn sheep were on the edge of the highway about half way to Upper Kananaskis Lake so the opportunity to capture some photos was definitely a new task on the agenda.

It’s one thing to see wild animals in a zoo but to come across them in their natural environment is a whole new experience and being as close as 20 feet away is a rare opportunity so the time spent with these animals was pretty amazing.

One of the things I found myself obsessed with was the detail and wear and tear of their actual horns. The aging lines were cool but to see the chips and battle scars from there day to day lives was intriguing.

Part 2 of the wildlife plan to slow down the trip was a lone coyote running along the narrow park road trail. This little fella was on a mission looking for something in a hurry but the passing traffic distracted it long enough to snap a few quality photos while the coyote wandered along the road in the deep snow covered forest.

I know they are sometimes viewed as a nuisance or pest to nearby local farmers and their livestock but to see one up close they are actually a very beautiful animal just trying to survive in the wild like any other species. Their thick winter coats give them a much nicer appearance than the shaggy messy coat they carry during the summer months.

And last but not least is the curious hawk who kept flying from telephone pole to telephone pole taking turns with its partner who was sharing the lookout points for mice in the open snow covered fields.

Ice fisherman were on duty to give some ice thickness measurements to help ease the worries of “walking on thin ice” before embarking on the short snowshoe hike.

An hour later and the destination of Upper Kananaskis had finally been reached. And just like the previous visit earlier in the month to this same location it was just as satisfying if not more thanks to the pre planned fire pit supplies brought along this time.

The one good thing about this location is that the human traffic is very minimal so you can enjoy the whole place to yourself with maybe the odd quiet explorer walking through your outdoor canvas. The only sounds to be heard are the crackling of the fire next to you.

And it wouldn’t be a completed journey without some campfire stories with Frosty himself by the fire.


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Kurtis Dulle

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