The Hydro Shield Created by. Nicolas Huerta, Peyton Driggers and Crystal Espinoza

Our Utopia is a technological and ecological underwater oasis. With it's own self governing.

Our plan is to have all amenities on the outer edge of the community and all housing in the middle.

We plan to make the community as desirable as possible so we can grow quickly so we will have a shopping mall with everything you would get in a mall on land. All merchandise will be purchased with a residents shark card.

The aqua card will be given to each resident upon entering the community. It will have the residents pre existing money on it. All money earned from working in stores and fishing for the community will be added every two weeks.

Upon entering the community every resident will also receive housing.

The government which will be made up of four individuals and be a bloodline after that will be devoted to the happiness of the residents, which is why we will be giving all meals to residents unless otherwise indicated.

In the Hydro Shield Community one of our main focuses is technology. We will have the best education we can get for our residents provided to them at no cost.

Our community will also have a church and one priest. You would have to be Christian to live in our community.

In summary The Hydro Shield is a community built with the building blocks of technology and nature. By having a main faith to keep clashes minimal about different views on life, it will help to create a strong religious foundation.

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