Latin Entertainment Network Investment Deck

To create platforms that will permit Latin American centric content creators and audiences to have an experience that is culturally relevant and that resonates socially and economically to the consumer.

The platforms allow Latin Entertainment Network to be a Latin American “Netflix” and an unique interactive experience with entertainment.

We are building a vast catalogue of Movies, TV Shows and original content creations in both English and Spanish, as well as music distribution to change and excite all genres. Most engaging will be culturally relevant movies and interactive content that appeals to Latin American Passion.

Global market expansion, using the Xperienc OTT infrastructure, (like Netflix, iTunes, Hulu) for content delivery, partnering with content creators for development of films, music, television, podcasts, web series and all forms of digital content, over the top (OTT) platforms and an interactive live streaming platform, expanding the capability of the audience to interact with the talent.

With the CYA.live platform, content such as movie premieres, online interactive film festivals, plays, podcasts, music showcases, competitions, and more will be interactive with live audiences online.

How many smart TV’s are out there?

Consumer on demand television (streamed) or VOD (video on demand) is driven by when, where, and on what platform the consumer desires. This allows advertisers the opportunity to personalize and tailor fit their advertisements, therefore optimizing offerings. This in turn will Consumer on demand television is driven by when, where, and on what platform the consumer desires. This allows advertisers the opportunity to personalize and Taylor fit their advertisements, therefore optimizing offerings. This in turn will create a mass expansion of streaming television consumption.

Today, television consumption is still restricted by nine streaming platforms. Latin entertainment network will offer the technology to power this transformation and capture the value associated with telcos and media communication companies.

Digital advertising is more efficient for advertising clients and has a steadier continuation of sustained growth (it is the principal source of revenue for Google and Facebook)

Digital advertising, also called Internet advertising or Internet marketing is when businesses leverage Internet technologies to deliver promotional advertisements to consumers.

Programmatic advertising is the fastest growing sector in advertising today, with Technology as it’s driving force. Programmatic buying is efficient and leads to more sophisticated and targeted advertising campaigns.

Through programmatic advertising, buyers have access to the latest research in case studies on real time bidding and data driven creative.



We work with many of the world's largest advertising networks and agencies and major brand sponsors to monetize our platform's advertising-funded business model.


Premium subscribers have access to our premium channels (advertising free), pay-per-view specials, special live events (e.g., boxing and music concerts), a high definition ("HD") quality signal for at! channels (where available), and the abiFity to record a set number of hours of programs.


We will generate revenue from the sale of tickets to live events, fncrementat revenue will include merchandise sales, activations and branded sponsorship opportunities.


Latin Entertainment Network has expressed an interest in acquiring an advanced digital facility that restores, archives and digitizes the large film libraries that we have acquired and nowgenerate revenue by licensing these titles to platforms like Hulu and Netflix.


Latin Entertainment Network generates material revenue from the sale, via VOD or Electronic Sell Through (EST), of mostly premium Hollywood films and television in the first "Digital Tier window available from the major studios.


Latin Entertainment Network will be ranking amongst top ten of global performers, catering to specifically to the Latino American market in digital content. Blue Chips advertisers and analysts can vouch to the success markers of Latin Entertainment Network.


Latin Entertainment Network

Latin Entertainment Network has strategic partnerships with two separate content platforms that offer an edge over other content streaming services. The combination of both platforms allow Latin Entertainment Network to provide content creators, film makers, playwrites, comedians, and musicians. The technology lines up with the newfound habits that youth and adults have been enjoying entertainment, which is mobile and using media boxes such as AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Stick, Xbox, PlayStation, smartphones, and smartTV’s. This new engagement will offers new revenue streams and less revenue split because of in between businesses as the traditional entertainment business has had.


Xperienc offers state of the art Video on Demand for consumers interested in a large variety of entertainment, from education, movies, TV shows, comedy and so much more.


Our partner CYA.live offers a unique platform that permits any for of entertainment to be engaging and INTERACTIVE by offering a live online audience to interact and even appear on camera with the contents creators, such as music artists, film directors, actors, comedians and more. This is offered as a new method for independent entertainment to engage new fans, and create relationships for future growth.


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